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Lansdowne set to join Gove’s academy revolution

THERE WAS A whiff of the Star Trek’s “The Borg” when Education Minister Michael Gove came to visit Gateway Academy in Tilbury earlier this year. Not only was he fulsome in his praise for the senior school but he also gave the school its blessing in proposals for expansion into the primary arena.

With political intervention needed in the case of the dismissal of the chair of governors at Tilbury Manor. With a palpably unhappy St Mary’s seeking advice from the senior school, the scene seems set for the education system in the whole of Tilbury to declare some form of independence.

Last week, Lansdowne primary received an inadequate Ofsted report with a series of damning assessments from the government watchdog including scathing comments about teachers inability to speak english correctly.

It is no surprise then that Mr Gove has announced that two hundred of England’s worst-performing primary schools will be closed next year and re-opened as academies.

Education Secretary Michael Gove says this will force schools which have failed to get their pupils to expected levels in maths and English to improve.

The new academies, taken out of local authority control, will be run by more successful local schools.

Another 500 will be told they have three years to improve their standards.

YT understands that this will be an organic process in Thurrock which once taken root in Tilbury will then move onto the Grays area with schools such as Thameside and possibly Stifford next to get on board.

Many believe that this is an irreversible process. As they say in Tilbury: That ship has sailed.


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