Sunday, June 16, 2024

Tory Slams Tony’s statement

Cllr Mike Revell has responded sharply to a press statement made by Cllr Tony Fish

“Tony Fish is entitled to his opinion, but he is not entitled to claim that this is the view of Thurrock Council. Nor is he entitled to issued such a statement through the Thurrock Council using the Thurrock Council press officer and the resources of council in expressing his political opinion. If he wishes to make political statements it should be as a Labour politician..

On the substance of what he says, our much needed welfare reforms are still making their way through Parliament so the effects of them have yet to be witnessed. I suspect that what he is referring to is the replacement of incapacity benefit with employment support allowance, a reform enacted by the last Labour Government. It is fair to say there have been issues with work capability assessments. This is why the coalition Government is implementing the recommendations of the Harrington review. Overall, our objective is that those who need help get it and those who can re enter the world of work with some assistance do so. I am sure every taxpayer in Thurrock would support such prudent use of their money”


  1. Mike Revell ! i would not go up 3 tree hill with him or listen to any statement that he would make the only time he talks is when he is scoring points which he has already arranged before hand


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