Thursday, June 20, 2024

Lynn learns about e-books

When top Thurrock councillor Lynn Worrall heard the borough’s libraries were holding training sessions on how to download 3-books, she had a thought.

“I suddenly realised I’d asked for one of these e-book readers for a birthday more than a year ago — but as happens with great ideas sometimes, it was still in its box.

“I contacted my local library, booked a training session and then went hunting for the box!”

Cllr Worrall — Thurrock Council’s cabinet member for libraries — added: “The one-to-one training session was great. I am an avid reader and I’m still not certain whether I prefer e-books or paper ones, but I will be trying this out regularly.

“If nothing else, taking your reader with you when you go away — or if you are a commuter for example — has to be easier than carrying a hardback- or even a paper-back.”

Free Thurrock Library cards enable local people to borrow both e-books and e-audio..

E-books are books in electronic form, while e-audio are talking books. Both can be downloaded from the Thurrock Council website (

Anyone interested — and with a library card — should go to the libraries section (via the A-to-Z) and follow the links – Essex Digital Catalogue and Clipper Audio Books.

The “books” can be downloaded free to your home computer or portable device (such as an iPOD, iPad, iPhone, or MP3 player).


  1. is rthis a new concept, what is a “3-books” as stated in the opening paragraph???

    Are thes e-books in Kindle format, or is it just in i-pod/pad format? the kindle is one of the best selling e-book readers and there are thousands of titiles available so to not supply that format is quite astonishing

  2. It woudl be very interesting to see the figures on book lending in the borough and the various areas where libraries are, have the amount of people who use the libraries gone down significantly, what is the cost of keeping these open?

    Could mobile libraries be the answer? I believe that you will always require the facilities of a library but in what guise, it is good to see that they are trying to diversify in the services that they provide but with most people now having access to the world wide web for research do they now use the books available, I am probably like quite a few others who have been a member of the library for over 15 years but now very rarely use the services due to the Internet and access to millions of e-books.


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