Tories claim “naked political gain” behind Labour “misleading” public over Grays Beach

In a response to a petition revealed at Thurrock Council on Wednesday, the Labour group have effectively admitted that they misled the public over the so-called “privatisation” of Grays beach claims Conservative group leader, cllr Phil Anderson.

Earlier this year a Conservative proposal to combine Thurrock’s leisure facilities under a single management trust was voted through by Thurrock Council.

Cllr Anderson said: “This led to hysterical claims from Labour that Grays beach was to be “privatised”, a claim which featured prominently in their pre-election literature and led to a public petition presented at full Council

“Now in their response to that petition, Labour have formally admitted that “the Council is not currently considering the outsourcing of any part of Grays Beach”.

Conservative leader Cllr Phil Anderson goes on to state: “This shows that Labour knew all along that a sell-off of Grays beach was never on the cards. They deliberately misled the public for naked political gain, and caused a lot of fear and anxiety in the process. Now they have had to admit that it was all just spin and smear. I hope that people will remember this next time they see negative campaigning by Thurrock Labour in the run-up to an election.

“Our plans to bring Thurrock’s leisure facilities under a new management trust are the best way to secure their future. We cannot carry on operating at a loss in the current financial climate. It is right that the land itself remains in public ownership, but running this type of facility is not what a local Council does best. Would you want to go to a theme park run by a local authority?”.

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