Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Property “Baron” appeals to council boss as Joy strikes back

CONTROVERSIAL Tory councillor Joy Redsell has hit back over recent planning controversies by taking on a number of her critics.

YT understands that property baron John Isabel has made a personal appeal to chief executive Graham Farrant for the veteran Blackshots councillor to be re-instated back onto the Thurrock Council’s planning committee.

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council confirmed that the chief exec had received a communication but that the placing of councillors was not “in the gift of the chief executive.”

The council also confirmed that the council leader, cllr John Kent had not received any communication.

The news has clearly angered the chair of the council’s planning committee, cllr Terry Hipsey.

Cllr Hipsey was spoken to by the council legal bosses after his outburst at a recent council committee when he demanded that the Tory leader, Phil Anderson publish details of the internal investigation he conducted after cllr Redsell was secretly filmed meeting Orsett property boss, John Isabel in a Brentwood hotel, contrary to the council’s rules.

Cllr Redsell was in the meeting that evening as a spokesperson for the Gull project off the Grays Wharf and is believed to have complained to the legal department after cllr Hipsey’s outburst.

Finally, Joy has been busy in her ward and reportedly is about to set up a Friends of Blackshots organisation. The organisation intends to combat problems such as anti-social behaviour in the fields as well as campaign for amenities.

Whether the organisation will run side by side the local Stifford Clays community forum or replace it altogether is uncertain at the moment


  1. Mmmmmmmm be interesting to see if the anti – social behaviour Joy,s new group is planning to combat includes chasing people around the streets with a golf club!!!!

  2. I bet john isabel wants her back on the planning committee if you had a bent councillor on the committee you want them back. When is Phil anderson (complete waste of space) going to get rid of this embarrassing conniving bent councillor! As I have said before Anderson is a complete joke!

  3. So Joy is getting involved with anti social behaviour. Well it makes a change she’s doing something she knows about but don’t get T’eed off about that comment Joy. I here a lot of your male friends are irons anyway. You get caught bang to rights and have the cheek to complain and then get your partner in crime to ask you be let back on the planning. When are people in Thurrock going to come to their senses and get rid of you, because I wouldn’t like to be in a bunker with you. Perhaps you can get John isabel to buy you a new Golf because your the biggest bougie on the course and are way under par. So get in your caddy to phone up ferret is the lowest of the low!

  4. Why should cllr Hipsey be angered ?. Anderson seems to think it’s alright to meet developers and with his background at government levels, it just confirms how he and those he mixes with intend to carry on.

  5. It isn’t alright to meet developers and have deals behind back doors and once again if Graham ferret received a letter he should have passed it on to the legal department who should have done something about it. Why don’t the Thurrock legal department make s statement on it or are they to busy meeting developers when is this bow-locks going to stop !

  6. Can you believe the audacity of this man – but what has he got to lose by asking for his ‘friend’ joy to be reinstated back onto planning. Speculation is everything and it is widely speculated that he did very nicely out of plannng decisions while Joy was on the planning committee. Why would a property developer want a friend on the ‘inside’ and specifically take the time to write to the head of the council to ask tha she is reinstated’?. Make your own mind up.

    This is a story that will keep coming back to the top of the agenda. If Anderson wants to have a credible crack at leading the Thurrock Tories out of the gutter then he has to act and get rid of this woman.

    Or otherwise there will be speculation that there is more to this story and Phil Anderson has something to to hide.

    Like ‘winegate’ it wont go away and will come back time and time again to haunt them. Stories like that go away but only for a short while or till the person needs to restand for election. They either stand down or try to face their enemies. Eddie was forced to stand down as Phil Anderson released/leaked the news of his retirement before poor Eddie had even had the opportunity to stand for selection. Even in those days Phil Anderson was empire building and Eddie was not in his plans.

    Danny Nicklen will currently be thinking about his postition next May as it is him that is up before James Halden. His friends in the party may be tellling him it is all ok but the public dont like councillors that bring shame on Thurrock, steal wine whilst representing the borough and threaten the landlady of the local pub by threatening her she could well lose her licence for chucking him out. Telling her ‘dont you know who i am’.

    Joy Redsell is also up for re eletion next year and you would not expect her to be reselected. But as we all know she has been here before.

    But as the saying goes in the Thurrock Tories ‘Keep your head down’ it will be next weeks fish and chip paper.

    But my guess is this is not going away any time soon and there is more to come out on this whole fiasco.

  7. Where’s Lambo? I’ve been waiting for your comment or could it be not even you can defend joy. As she gone even too far for you lambo or have you been playing golf as well. STING well put but this fish and chip paper stinks too much sting. MIKE CASEY PLEASE INTERVIEW JOY. I’m sure she could clear this up and that is what somebody who was innocent would want to do. I think Redsell wouldn’t go near you mike with a barge pole for the very obvious reason she is guilty as charged, she has doing more damage to the Tories party in Thurrock , John Kent and the labor party should start paying her money. So every cloud has a silver lining and what must be the most amazing thing about this whole turnout where’s the Legal department? What other course of action can the people of thurrock take except, its completely ok regarding Joy’s part in this fiasco. So why don’t everybody at thurrock council start doing their own thing nothing will happen it’s ok do what you want except if your unfortunate enough to be a member of the public and don’t pay your community tax or park in the wrong place or leave your rubbish out on the wrong day you know the story one rule for the people another rule for thurrock council. Don’t do as we do, do as we tell you, that’s the message Thurrock council is quiet clearly sending out to the people of Thurrock and Phil Anderson another person John Kent should be paying because he isn’t worth two bob in letting this go on. For that fact you can’t blame all this on Redsell. When is fagpaper Phil going to get on top of this, I don’t think he’s been on top of anything in all he’s life personally.

  8. Hi Archie, thanks for missing me mate 🙂

    No come on are you really that blinded that other councillors, form all parties have not done deals behind closed doors and are still sat in their positions in the council? it happens, yes Redell got caught with her pants down, so to speak, and yes should have been bought to book over it but as they say those who live in glass houses should not throw stones……maybe those in power now have done the same so don’t want to open up a can of worms…….

    As for the comment about Thurrock Tories keeping their heads down, maybe the Thurrock labour should start taking theirs out of their own backsides and start listening to the local people, they never won in the borough and this shows that the local poeple don’t trust either the Cons or Lab.

    I agree that Mike should get an interview from Cllr Redsell and get her side of the story, i would also like to see an interview with the person who was behind the camera so they can put their point of view across ast to why they were in the place with a video camera and if this was a trap from the opposition party before the local elections or was there even more to this, maybe a personal vendetta, until we get both sides of the story, which we are never likely to get, then this will always be one of those stories that will be shrouded controversy.

    Oh and just for the record I am not a Lab or Con supporter :

  9. This is unbelievable. A property developer friend of a councillor trying to by-pass democratic control to get his pal back on the planning committee.

    The real smoking gun is the number of applications from this developer where councillor Redsell has failed to declare she is a close pal of this guy and where she has helped decide on the applications instead of excusing herself from the decision making process.

    This would be gross misconduct and if any such applications are found Cllr Redsell must be kicked out as a councillor.

  10. With all the inuendo about golf clubs I assume Councillor Redsell was the woman who was seen attacking a teenage girl with a golf club? If she was then she is unfit to be a councillor.

  11. Perhaps Cllr Redsell would like to put the record straight on both of the points raised by Dave Petrerson:

    Have you sat on any planning applications where the property developer in question had applications agreed and not declared your interest?

    Was it you Cllr Joy Redsell that chased a teanage girl down the road with a golf club?

    If you answer yes to either of you then you are not fiit to serve the Thurrock residents as a councillor

    Phil Anderson take note : This mess aint going nowhere and will be your downfall in the end.

    Unless of course you know more or there is more to come out yet!

  12. Well sting, usually police keep incident numbers, so if I am not mistaken and if there was a recorded incident, then that could be easily resolved.
    As for the councils legal department, they could research declared interests for you, perhaps a freedom of information question would be more helpful and answer your questions.

  13. I’ll answer you Colin Barnes Thurrocks legal department are only interested in protecting Thurrock council if they was any good at legal’s they wouldn’t be working for the council would they, it’s a sorry state of affairs when people especially the legal department and everybody else who works there all paid for by the residents of Thurrock and the only people they don’t work for or do anything for are those people who pay them. Everybody can see what has happened here don’t make a comment or a statement just keep your head down and the mug residents who pay us will have to go away in the end well I’m fed up with it i think a lot of other people are fed up with it why don’t somebody get a petition up and have them all at full council were they can’t ignore everybody or better still a public enquiry into the whole matter as that’s what it needs as its quite obvious Thurrock council aren’t going to do anything about it THEY ARE A LAW TO THERE SELVES AND ITS DISCUSTING.
    Mike why don’t you challenge Thurrock council to make a full and open investigation into this matter and make it very public perhaps the shame of that will bring them to their senses because public opinion is like water of a ducks back to them and get crocodile skin Redsell to answer questions about her disgusting and obviously graft and everything else that goes with it.

  14. Whoever posts a comment on this should first try getting thier facts correct before they tell the internet what happened. Most of you on here will not even put your real names because you know you actually have no idea what exacly took place so I personally suggest that unless you watched it with your own eyes not to say anything. I AM the teenager and I WAS NOT chased down a road therefore I would love to know where on earth you people got your so called facts from.


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