Thursday, June 20, 2024

Tories name their shadow cabinet

The Thurrock Conservative Group have announced the line up for their shadow cabinet.

Cllr Amanda Arnold will retain her Health and social care portfolio. Amanda also continues as deputy leader of the Conservative group.

Former leader Cllr Garry Hague will take on the brief for Strategic planning and regeneration.

Tory leader Phil Anderson said: “I am delighted that Garry has agreed to stay on as a member of the shadow cabinet, which will help me greatly in managing a smooth leadership transition. Garry’s experience will be vital as the Development Corporation transitions back into Council control this year.

Cllr James Halden takes on Environmental services.

Cllr Anderson added: “James’ hard work and tenacity will ensure we do a thorough job in scrutinising these key areas of front line service delivery.”

Cllr Mike Revell returns to his former brief in Children and education.

“It is already becoming clear that there will be major changes to schooling in Thurrock with the move to Academy status and primary re-organisation, and Mike’s knowledge and political experience will help us to ensure that the administration handles these changes properly.”

Cllr Phil Anderson will serve as Group Leader, with special responsibilities for Strategic change and Community engagement.

Cllr Rob Gledhill brings his considerable experience of local government to the finance and corporate services brief.

Cllr Sue Macpherson will develop a new portfolio in the area of Business and skills. “We believe it is important that the shadow cabinet looks outwards as well as inwards, and Sue’s experience of both education and business will enable her to bring a new emphasis on this vital area.”

Cllr Tunde Ojetola will oversee housing and leisure, with a focus on efficient administration of the Council’s housing stock and ensuring that the administration delivers the Council’s agreed budget plans for leisure services and facilities.

Cllr Danny Nicklen has been appointed as their representative on the Fire Authority, and will advise the shadow cabinet on crime and policing and emergency services plus partnership working.


  1. Danny nicklen in charge of the fireman. He must of heard that song all the fireman sing “When I got out with my squirter, Danny goes fire fire fire”

  2. I missed that, Garry hauge in charge of regeneration. Can they start with regenerating he’s neck might be able to keep he’s head still , you know this year he was the irish head butting champion better last year when he was the leader and he was the irish hide and seek champion.

  3. I have heard the fireman have hoses full of wine, you know it’s similar to the stuff that got nicked at a council do last year.

  4. HmmmmmStrange that those that go in and heavey public house landlords get rewarded like this????? Letting the most decent person take the wrap too!! I wonder how the drinks flow everywhere lately ????


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