Sunday, January 29, 2023

World Cup keeper praises Ormiston Park Academy success

Ormiston Park Academy was recently commended for their outstanding success, their fantastic OFSTED inspection, and their rapidly improving GCSE results and were

congratulated by inviting Head teacher, Tess Walker to a glam ceremony with World Cup winning Goalkeeper, Gordon Banks, to help celebrate the success.

Ormiston Park Academy were among the few of the invited guests at a lavish ball in London celebrating Academy successes and Tess Walker, Ormiston Park Academy’s Head teacher, was congratulated by none other than World Cup winning Goalkeeper, Gordon Banks.

“It was an honour to be commended as one of the most improved secondary schools in the country. This has been achieved through hard work and commitment from staff and

students alike and has been achieved in less than three years of becoming an Academy.

For both the students and the school to have its success highlighted in this way is tremendous news for the community of Aveley, Thurrock. The outlook for the community’s

education is certainly looking extremely good.”

The prestigious event was a great networking opportunity for Head teachers to represent their Academy, which was attended by Heads and Principals from some of the best schools and academies in the UK. They all had the opportunity to compare notes and gain tips from

one another, all with the intention of ensuring that their academy remains as one of the top successes in the country.


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