Monday, June 24, 2024

“Labour full of spite” over care home claims top Tory

THURROCK Conservatives condemned the hypocrisy of Labour politicians at last night’s Cabinet over the development of the Elizabeth Gardens extra care housing scheme on the site of what was previously the Elizabeth House care home.

Cllr Amanda Arnold said “Many of us still recall the budget discussion where Labour voted against the closure of Elizabeth House, and the subsequent publicity, despite the fact that the place was in an appalling condition after they let it rot away.

Highly emotive comments were made by senior Labour figures about “chucking people out” with “I don’t know how you sleep at night” thrown in for good measure and one particularly abhorrent rant that “the more you kill off the less it costs you.”

“This was despite the Conservative Cabinet making it absolutely clear that the site would be retained to provide services for older people in a better environment.

The councillor continued: “I inherited that decision, and on several occasions had to reassure residents in Stifford Clays that we weren’t knocking down Elizabeth House to flog it to the highest bidder as Labour activists were claiming.”

“Last week Labour were caught out after trying to stir the same degree of political mischief over Grays Beach that they did in 2006 – yet here we are 5 years down the line from that Elizabeth House decision, taking the final steps toward creating this wonderful facility to give our older residents better care in a quality setting, just as we always said we would.

“It’s taken 5 years, but Labour have finally been shown up for what they are, and that’s nothing more than the party of spite and spin, prepared to say anything to cling on to power.”


  1. “Labour have finally been shown up for what they are, and that’s nothing more than the party of spite and spin, prepared to say anything to cling on to power.” Who’d have thought?

  2. Here we go again. Another month and a load of new press releases from the Thurrock tories.

    If Amanda Arnold felt so strongly about the cabinet agenda around Elizabeth Gardens development why didnt she take the time to go to the cabinet and make that claim and ask questions on the agenda item.

    While we are on the subject ‘why was there not one thurrock tory at the cabinet meeting despite there being some key agenda items and decisions. Could it be they dont get an additional allowance now they are in opposition!

    Thurrock Tories have taken a new approach under Phil Anderson — feed the press with loads of press and thurrock residents wont remember we were crap while in power and nearly bankrupt the authority.

    I am sure that we will see a few more press releases hand written by Phil Anderson over the next few days.

  3. Sting you are correct, this month it is the Tories turn, Next month it will be Labours, both parties in Thurrock couldn’t run a bath never mind a council they are all too busy trying to score points off of each other.

  4. Why does she maon so much? She sounds like an old fish wife. Perhaps if she had kept a tighter reign on the out of control spending of social services under her watch this centre could have been built five years ago instead of remaining an empty site for so long. Perhaps she doesn’t want her record closely examined?


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