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Thurrock wins £5m transport bid

Thurrock Council has won £5 million to create a sustainable transport scheme across the borough.

On Wednesday (6 July), Cllr Andy Smith, portfolio holder for Transport and Highways Strategy, said: “Thurrock is one of a few authorities who get the full amount of their bid approved — and we got the maximum amount.

“I would like to thank all the officers — and all our partners — involved in putting our bid together, they obviously did a brilliant job.

“Now we’ve got to put these plans into action.”

The government announced Thurrock’s successful bid on Tuesday (5 July) and the council’s cabinet was due to discuss a report written before the announcement.

The report explained the money will “deliver a package of sustainable transport measures such as workplace travel planning, school travel planning, station travel planning, personalised journey planning and lift-sharing” over the next four years.

It also includes marketing and promotional activities to encourage increased walking, cycling and use of public transport.

Cllr Smith added: “As a regular user of public transport and someone who enjoys walking, I think this is something very special.”

He said: “The fund challenges local transport authorities outside London to develop measures to support economic growth and reduce carbon emissions in their communities as well as delivering cleaner environments, improved safety and increased levels of physical activity.

“I am sure that specific local plans developed for local people and local businesses will have a really positive impact on the local economy and the local environment.”

Measures will include encouraging walking and cycling, initiatives to improve integration between trains and buses and trains, buses and cars, better public transport and improved traffic management schemes.


  1. Great! Does this mean that the council will continue to fund the College buses for students of Palmers and the Tech? Think of all the extra car journey’s that would be created if they didn’t. Mind you, that would require joined up thinking and policy, something TBC is not renowned for.

  2. As suggested work on plans for schools / colleges and reduce cars dropping off students. Idea – Ferry service to 9pm and basic Ferry Service on Sunday – integrate Ferry more with bus trains and with Trains services in Kent – ie Extend 66 to Ferry (Sundays as well). One Time Table for all Essex not Regional variations – save money one copy! Essex CC and Thurrock work together? Plus look at Tolls and crossings!


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