Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Orsett Quarry Fire: Day Five

IT LOOKS like hell down there. The pit burns away. The fire service have now scaled down to two units and the work teams continue to work there.

The air is still full of acrid smoke in the area. Even in your car with the windows up, the stench gets into your nostrils whilst with the wind up, the smoke billowed across the A13 and that is five days on!

YT has learned that one family were hoping to have a wedding reception in their garden near to the fire. Their plans may now have to change.

Thurrock Councils representative on Essex Fire and Rescue Authority Cllr Danny Nicklen today gave assurances to the public in light of fire and stressed the need for children to stay well away from the area.

Cllr Nicklen said: “While the scale of this fire has been large and the area remains dangerous at no stage has the situation been out of control and I want to pay credit to the professionalism of the fire crews of Essex Fire and Rescue for their swift action.’

He went on to say: “There will be an investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident and I would welcome any queries from members of the public who may have concerns’


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