Monday, January 30, 2023

Care portfolio holder slams “troublemaker” Arnold

PORTFOLIO holder cllr Tony Fish has slammed the deputy leader, cllr amanda Arnold over her controversial comments on the development of care home Elizabeth Gardens

Cllr Fish said: “I was surprised and disappointed to read Cllr Arnold’s outburst on Your Thurrock about the Extra Care development in Stifford Clays to be known as Elizabeth Gardens.

She seems to be trying to create controversy where none exists.

Firstly, while Elizabeth House did not fully meet registration standards I have spoken to relatives of people who were living there who said that they had good memories of it.

Labour, as always focussing on the residents, had legitimate concerns around the closure of the home albeit passionately expressed.

Once those concerns had been addressed we drew a line under the issue.

Since that time there has been joint working accross party lines on what is a wonderful ne wdevelopment for residents who may need this type of housing in future.

I’m happy to give credit to Cllr Arnold for her role in getting the project under way.

As ever I’m focussed on delivering the best possible outcomes for our residents and ensuring the hard work on Elizabeth Gardens comes to fruition.

I look forward to Cllr Arnold’s support for the future in achieving this.”


  1. And while the elderly and frail were suffering being used as political footballs by the outspoken former cabinet member, private schooling and lovely breaks at mum and dads were more appealing.

  2. Councillor Arnold doesn’t want anyone to ask why she alowed this site to remain empty for so long. The care development should have been built as soon as the care home was demolished.

    Instead she is responsible for it remaining a derelict piece of land for years and years and years because she had no plans and no idea what was going to happen after she had the care home pulled down so no incoming Labour administration could re open it..

    Labour should be praised for moving the project forward at long last. Arnold should hang her head in shame for her inaction and year after year overspends in the departments under her control.

    As the Portfolio Holder for Social Care she has form for this sort of thing.

    Arnold was responsible for the demolition of the Dilkswood Carers Centre in Darenth Lane. And as with Elizabeth House, Arnold sent in the bulldozers to level the centre to the ground, and to stop any future Labour administration reopening the centre for the community in the future.

    Perhaps Your Thurrock should enquire what Labour intend to do with this derelict site?

    If the Tories ever got back into power one has to ask where next will Arnold send in the bulldozers?


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