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Tilbury siege: Man’s father speaks out

YESTERDAY and not for the first time, Chris Little, 38, kept the authorities at bay for fifteen hours in Civic Square, Tilbury. He has now been detained at Basildon hospital.

Chris’s father, Keith Little has written to YT and expressed how he feels about yesterdays incident as part of a general discussion of the state of mental health services.

Keith said: “Chris has had problems with mental health as a result of drug abuse for many years. The incident on Tuesday was yet another futile cry for help which was in vain because the legal system prevents good people like him from returning to normality.

“In this nation unless a mentally ill person volunteers for rehabilitation there is little hope for him.  Chris’s argument for not coming down from the roof was that there was no point as red tape prevents his road to recovery.

“He would rather be dead than continue as he is but he still cries for help that may not come in time. All that happens is that he will be held for 72 hours in a mental health unit and then released to struggle with his problem again until the next incident which may be his last.

“The problem is a national problem and the solution is tougher legislation that our government cannot provide now that it has been greatly weakened by European Human Rights Laws.

“It is time that the overall cost of incidence like this one were weighed up against the cost of a cure not just for the sake of the person that is ill but to improve society as a whole.

“The emergency services carried out their jobs in a well co-ordinated manner and this provided the desired outcome, I thank them all.

“However even they realise that after the successful rescue the system then fails and there hands are tied.  It’s time to concentrate on the reasons that the system fails these people because without change and improvements the situation can only get worse.


  1. How brave that his dad has spoken out to defend his son and ask publicly for help.

    Lets hope that somebody within the local authority and health service picks up with the very serious issues this young man has.

    This is the third time he has carried out this public cry for help, one of these times he will jump and we will all be asking why did nobody help him.

    Mental illness is a huge problem and in the current climate it will only get worse.

    I for one hope he gets the help he needs.

  2. Yes lets hope someone will help Chris,it is true that changes in the Mental Health Act whilst now including some people who were previously excluded does not extend to others like Chris.It was very disturbing to watch the video of him on the roof,feeling that any moment he may jump,knowing too that there were children in the square watching,maybe YT could make sure those who are responsible for providing mental health service watch it?Though Im sure that they are just as frustrated at the restrictions placed on them by law that prevent them from helping this man with his emotional distress.

  3. Editors Note. This was sent to us by Mr Keith Little

    I would like to thank the yourthurrock .com editor for printing my concerns that I have for my son and a special thank you for those positive comments from other readers.

    The solution to this from the was to place Chris on remand in Belmarsh High Security prison and for him to take part in a video link court case on the 20th July where he could be sentenced to years in prison. I am the first to agree that crimes should be punished and am often confused when criminal act go unpunished so will not defend the alleged criminal act of my son in normal circumstances. However his normal condition is that of a gentle man and I am aware that he presents no threat to anyone but himself. In his defence when faced with fully armed police he threatened to stab himself in the chest with a Pad saw if they came near him. I thank the writer of the coment that mentioned children in the street and would like to assure them that one of the reasons that Chris did not take his life by jumping of the roof was because of the effect it would have on those children below. people that know Chris would say he was a good person, a good neighbour, a good, friend and father who want to live because he loves life but cannot live with the condition he now has. The only true crime being committed will be his punishment because this punishment will hurt someone whereas his crimes did not and never would hurt anyone but himself. Has’nt Chris suffered enough in his tormented life without our so called representatives twisting the knife in his back and throwing a good person on the scrap heap. There must be hundreds & thousands of people in the Uk who equally suffer the rejection of the authorities because they use the easy option to see these people as being a problem that should be hiden away behind the walls of a prison system that also does not work. Once in a while our sons and daughters need help and it must be near the time when we demand of the authorities that they recognise the difference between a mental health problem that requires help and the premedicated criminal act. If there are mothers & fathers out there that feel the same as me then maybe more coments would attract the attention of someone somewhere that cares enough to put things right.
    An Angry Father

  4. I’d like to pretty much second everything Keith has added here. I know Chris personally, and he’s nothing but a loving, gentle and kind person with a massive heart that has an unfortunate and deadly disease that will destroy him without the help and support he so clearly needs. I’m sending him healing thoughts during this difficult time, and hope he receives the help and understanding he deserves and needs so much.

  5. I am a recovery worker and have read all the comments above. It is sad that this situation has got to this stage . I don’t completely agree with the way this has been policed…clearly this is a desperate cry for help and this individual needs support not to be placed in prison then released only to do the same!! what changes? Rehabilitation is needed with professional guidance and support otherwise don’t blame this individual if this behaviour repeats itself!!
    The publicity has not been very useful to the family members concerned…nobody wants to see someone they love in this much pain! thanks to the good old press this sort of thing sells papers! I have worked with this individual in the past..Lovely man..deserves more than he is receiving right now…I am sending positive thoughts to Chris to do this for himself he is very worthy of more!
    (I have used this login as I do not have my own)


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