My Town project homes in on pride in borough at TICC

ONE OF THE key mission statements for the Thurrock International Celebration of Culture (TICC) is to try and get a feel for what people feel about the borough they live in. That is always a tricky thing. For many that is a tricky thing. For many people,they live, they work etc and don’t spend a lot of time reflecting too deeply.

For a lot of young people, ambition is often defined by a desire to move away. It isn’t anything personal, it is just what you do. For others, they want to stay where they are and are happy. There is also the question of whether you see yourself from”Thurrock” or from your particular “ward”.

South Essex College staff gathered pupils from across the borough to consider these ideas and create a series of artworks which are now on display in the college.

YT spoke to course leader Jo Styles about the project.

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