Be Smart team told to “Stop hiding” by East Tilbury councillors

THERE WAS, as they say, some plain speaking, at the Cleaner, Greener and Safer committee meeting at Thursday night at Thurrock Council.

Deputy leader, cllr Val Morris-Cook presented a paper promoting the idea of “Multi-Skilled Action Teams”

The new system, would ensure a more efficient way of working for Be Smart officers. All officers would be expected to participate in all tasks when cleaning up an area.

At this point the two East Tilbury councillors, John Purkiss and Barry Palmer were asked to contribute to the meeting.

Both councillors contributed to a stinging attack on the work of the Be Smart team.

Cllr Purkiss said: “We can’t say we are particularly happy with the state of East Tilbury. Parts of it are filthy.

“We welcome these plans because we often see Be Smart teams sitting with three officers in a car doing nothing.

“Infact we know there hiding places such as at the back of Coalhouse Fort, Walton Hall Farm or even under the Pitsea flyover.”

A visibly irritated cllr Morris-Cook assured that these matters would be looked at.

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