Friday, February 3, 2023

Come on get down to T-Fest

BEFORE WE even start: well done to everyone concerned for actually getting T-Fest on. Whilst other festivals have fallen by the wayside, the movers and shakers at Thurrock Council were determined that somehow they would get the festival on.

It is on for the next two days. Enjoy the music, enjoy the stalls, enjoy the food (we recommend the Curried Goat) and relax. Plus it is free. The weather looks OK.

T-Fest is in its fourth year and is aiming to be bigger than ever. This year’s event will be taking place on 23/24 July at Grays Beach Riverside Park, Thames Road, Grays.

Acts on stage will include the cast of The Only Way Is Essex, Jamie ‘Afro’ Archer, Gamu and Titan the Robot, along with local bands Car Boot Tetris, Mackley Drive, and many more, plus lots of community stalls.

Find out more at

If you are looking for a certain film from the festival then go to our entertainment button at the top of the site. There is a drop down menu. T Fest 2011 is a seperate category.


  1. What is the actual point of this so called festival? Enjoy the music? You have got to be joking and as for relaxing, how can you relax in your back garden with all that noise going on, I wish I could. We were told that they would stop cars parking down our street, have they heck. Anyway enough of this ranting, at least it keeps the youth of this borough entertained and off the streets for a couple of days.
    Not everybody has a positive outlook on this particular enterprise I’m afraid so why not cover the other side of the story? How it disrupts the residents weekend with cars parked everywhere stopping people getting out of their driveways easily and the general noise generated by the festival. At least it just once a year, be grateful for small mercies.

  2. Just been through T Fest and witnessed the police intervening in one fight already and that was at 16:00, just hope this was not the start of things to come over the weekend.

    Wonder why ITV are not sponsoring the event, after all the majority of the acts are from that channel………

  3. What a terrible let down..people fighting, getting drunk and swearing in front of the children..first and last time I went to this is not inevitable that where you have such an event there s going to be trouble.I go to the V festival every year where there are thousands of people and I have never seen one fight,yesterday I saw 3 in 1 hour. The police were excellent but it didnt stop our day being ruined and having to move away from the main stage area and nearer the beach away from all the gangs that turned up,one of my friends was quite frightened at one point,when a fight broke out and people started running towards it to have a look. I only managed to see an hour of acts.. which were excellent. I wonder how much it costs to police that event? I thought it was great that it was free and somewhat bemused that certain people instead of enjoying some free entertainment thought it was a good excuse to behave badly,I for one will not be going back.


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