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Former planning councillor charts meetings over lorry park to public inquiry

FORMER chair of Thurrock Council’s planning department, Mr Stuart St-Clair-Haslam gave evidence to the public inquiry into the enforcement notice imposed on the Titan lorry park in Oliver Road, West Thurrock.

The former councillor and practising solicitor, told the inquiry, headed by planning inspector Pete Drew, that he was happy to give his evidence on oath but this was not required.

Mr St-Clair-Haslam told the inquiry that he wished to give his version of a number events referred to by ICG’s planning consultant, Brian Pooley.

Mr St-Clair-Haslam said: “On the 12th February, 2009, a meeting was brokered by cllr Joy Redsell between ICG boss Alan Carver and Brian Pooley. Also in attendance was cllr Ben Maney and myself.

“Cllr Redsell described Mr Carver as a personal friend of over 30 years standing.”

“I want to stress that I welcomed the aspirations of ICG and the potential for employment in the borough.

“However in hindsight, I believe the meeting should have taken place in the presence of council officers.

Mr St-Clair-Haslam went on to detail the next steps.

He said: “At that time we had a working group on lorry parks. Cllr Redsell suggested to me that we invite ICG to make a presentation to the working group.

“Labour councillor Andy Smith interjected and said it was only fair that if we invite ICG then we must invite all other interested parties in respect of lorry parks in the borough.”

“Ultimately, the person who would make the decisions in this case would be the portfolio holder (cllr Garry Hague)

Mr St-Clair-Haslam then went on to detail the events at the full council meeting of January 2010.

He said: “It was at this meeting that the Local Development Framework (LDF) was on the agenda. As ICG’s were part of the LDF, I felt it was important to make a declaration of a prejudicial interest.

“I did this because, the Thurrock Conservative Association had moved their premises into a portakabin on ICG’s Hogg Lane premises.”

The inquiry was later concluded with the decision anticipated for next month.


  1. Meeting people in hotels getting friends invited into the council for presentations on the HGV working group what she made decisions on. How much more of this resign! In the southend echo on 29th July 2011 she gave this statement that she wants to clear her name now we have Joy gate again!!!!!!! Councilor Anderson your responsible has a leader you said your comment in the echo 25th may 2011 Cllr Redsell apologizes unreservedly that she did not report the meeting in line with good planning practice.
    “I am personally committed to leading a group which maintains the highest standards of conduct in public office.
    “I will continue to defend group members robustly against unproven allegations, but will not shy away from taking action after thorough investigation where it proves necessary.
    The chair of the planning committee along with Cllr Smith you have a whistle blowing policy why did you not make use of it
    He said: “At that time we had a working group on lorry parks. Cllr Redsell suggested to me that we invite ICG to make a presentation to the working group.

  2. Another piece of condeming evidence against Thurrock tories and the sham of when they were in power. The fact that Phil Anderson has not take action against Cllr Joy Redsell clearly shows that they are still not fit to govern in Thurrock and he should not be leading them. Many thought that Phil would hold the group to task and put thier house back in order but this has just not materialised.

    Cllr Joy Redsell is at the centre of this new piece of scandal and still carries on totally oblivious to the fact that what she did was wrong and against the rules.

    I have not seen the article in the Southend Echo but even this shows her contemt of Thurrock residents. She should be giving her statements to Thurrocks press and doing an interview on Your Thurrock.

    How many more developer friends does this woman have?
    DId she declere her interests in council meetings?
    Why have the Thurrock Councils legal department not dealt with this?

    I feel sorry for those who have to put up wth the lorry park just because the council and Thurrock Tories failed to take action.

  3. But sting, just think, your very own way around planning. former councillor cowell told us last year and everyone laughed it off, but since and reluctantly I fear we are now starting to see some of the truth what goes on behind the scenes. One question that needs asking though, who else sat on those committees, surely others must have agreed to allow presentations.


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