Thursday, February 22, 2024

Jimbo bids for the Empire!

A LEADING THURROCK businessman has placed a bid to purchase the Empire Theatre in Southend. His business, the Partyman Company plan to return it to a fully functioning venue full of Arts, Entertainment, Play and Education.

The site will be called Partyman World of Play Southend and would also have a Partyman Theatre promoting the Arts to young people in Essex and beyond!

The young, eccentric entrepreneur behind the bid, James Sinclair aka Jimbo the Partyman, is the founder of the Partyman Company and brand who has a real love of Arts and Entertainment. James started his career as a DJ running his business in his Nan’s spare room at the age of 15 years and has in his 11 years of business worked hard to ensure that Partyman is the very successful business and brand that it is today. During the years, James has continued to be the on-hand businessman that his team love and also still goes out each weekend as Jimbo the Partyman entertaining hundreds if not thousands of children across the South East. James has also appeared on various BBC documentaries about Children’s Entertainment which again shows how much talent he has!

The Partyman Company, which is planning a £1.5million development project to acquire the old Empire Theatre wants any local community theatre groups, dance schools etc to contact them to discuss how they could work together for the people of Essex to make the new Empire/Partyman Theatre the most talked about project in the South East. Any interested parties should send an email to

The Partyman Company’s plans for the theatre would bring an interest to the area 7 days a week for many hours of the day, would create over 60 new jobs and regenerate the area! Everyone knows that Theatres these days are forever up against a struggle to make money and attract the right Shows and Groups to make them a successful business. By making the Empire Theatre, Southend into a huge Children’s Playcentre, a 500 seater Theatre and a fully Ofsted Registered Day Nursery, there is no doubt that the whole business could pay its bills and perhaps see some profit, rather than constantly face the financial pressure of running a modern day Theatre! With a tourist attraction and educational mix in the Playcentre and Day Nursery on the ground floor and a superb Children’s Community Arts Theatre upstairs – James is confident that this would see the Theatre’s survival.

If James and the Partyman Company are successful in their bid, the Theatre could be restored to be one of Southend’s greatest assets! The Partyman Company already attracts over half a million visitors a year to its other sites but is looking to Southend to be the home of its operations and help it build on its philosophy of being the home of Family Entertainment!

Anyone who wished to express an interest in what The Partyman Company are trying to achieve or would like more information should contact James Sinclair or Andrea Ince by calling Tel: 01268 330714 or emailing


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