Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Tories delighted as no drink zones consultation goes through

THURROCK TORIES were delighted to see recommendations not to go ahead with consultation with no drink zones in Ockendon and Little Thurrock overturned at Tuesdays Licensing Committee.

Ockendon Councillor Amanda Arnold said “Last September I proposed that officers look at introducing a Designated Public Place Order. It was frustrating to see that the recommendation was to reject this due to lack of reports of anti social behaviour involving alcohol, when there are broken bottles and empty beer cans everywhere and 85 reports of anti social behaviour in a year.  Very often there are no arrests in these cases, so how can officers say that alcohol wasn’t a contributing factor? I was equally surprised to hear that Belhus Councillors on the committee did not vote on the proposals and am sure their residents will look forward to hearing why.”

Fellow Tory Rob Gledhill added “I understand that officers can only put forward the statistics they have, but the reality is we regularly receive calls complaining of anti social behaviour and drinking in Little Thurrock’s Parks. Most don’t report it as they feel there is little that can be done. The recent reported success of the dispersal order should have alerted both the police and the council that the problems are real and action is needed.”

The committee discussed at length the need for the consultation as residents experiences not only the anti social behaviour as it happens but the mess it leaves behind in the form of rubbish and damage to the open spaces and play equipment.

Little Thurrock Councillor Joy Redsell said “ I asked to speak at the hearing and was disappointed I didn’t receive a reply. So I was delighted to hear that fellow Conservatives have included Blackshots playing field in the consultation. I would urge every resident who has been affected by the problems caused by street drinking in Little Thurrock’s parks and open spaces, and on the Flowers Estate to take part in the consultation so that their voices will be heard.  Without their responses these zones won’t happen, it’s in the residents hands now.”


  1. In 2004 Councillor Arnold was calling for an Alchohol Free Zone in South Ockendon but for the next SEVEN years she has sat on her hands and did nothing at all. For the six years the Tories run the council and during the time Arnold was Deputy Leader of the Council this was never an issue and she never raised this as a concern.

    Only after Labour councillors together with the local community forum raised a petition and presented this to the council does Arnold suddenly try and make it an issue. Why did she do nothing whatsoever when she as Deputy Leader of the Council had the power to do something – despite promising to get one introduced in Ockendon in her election leaflets back in 2004? You are only SEVEN years too late Arnold. Could it be that you are up for election next year and you have to be seen to be doing something otherwise you will end up the same way as Barry ‘Those minutes discussing the BNP as fake’ Johnson – ie kicked out by the electorate.

    As for Councillor Redsell, perhaps you should tackle the anti social behaviour on your dorstep, especially the problems caused by pensioners swinging golf clubs and attacking children resulting in the Police being called.

  2. A drinks dispersal order covering Socketts Heath / Dipping and the Church Yard /Delafield would have been very uesful to support the good works of the PCSO’s in Little Thurrock. The Forum will revisit the issue at its next meeting and review further. Alcohol consumption is a problem and thanks to all those who are working to deal with the underlying causes as disperal orders are a good tool but if you do not deal with the prime issue of Youth and Adult heavy drinking the problem will just crop up in another part of the Ward or move onto the next Ward. Please contact me with your views
    Vince Offord Temp Chair Little Thurrock Forum


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