Thursday, September 21, 2023

Ngage: Changing times helping the community

NGAGE have been a mainstay of the Thurrock community scene for over a decade now. On any given weekend over the summer, they will be out there with their banners and stalls handing out information and doing their level best to, as it says on the label, ngage with the community.

These are testing times for the community groups and Ngage have been near the brink.

The Tories had their eye on them with some feeling they were “playing politics at the taxpayers expense” whilst others felt that many of the community groups should have become self sustaining a long time ago.

But on a glorious day at T-Fest and battling with a thrash metal band, Ngage stalwart Jacqui Payne told us where Ngage is heading to and the help it receives from various partners including Thurrock Council.


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