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Family slam police for tasering son to stop Tilbury rooftop siege

THE FATHER  of the man who held police at bay for almost a day in a rooftop protest in Civic Square, Tilbury has hit out at the police for tasering his son.

Chris Little held the police at bay for over fifteen hours from his flat on July 12th. After twelve hours he clambered onto the roof. The scenes created a considerable crowd as well as all using up the resources of other emergency services.

Mr Little was arrested at 6pm that day and remains on remand in prison.

But it has now been revealed that when he came back down from the roof and into his flat that the police used a taser to placate, disarm and arrest him.

Chris’ father, Keith has expressed his anger at the police’s actions.

He said:  “When Christopher came of the roof at the request of the police he went into the flat where police were waiting and I believe was tasered twice and then heavily manhandled to the ground causing facial injuries to his left temple.

“When I saw him in court that he then had heavy swelling to his right eye as well.  The overkill action from the services forced him to take refuge on the roof and all of his actions were in response to police actions.

“Christopher could have easily been talked into a calm state by his brother but the police decided to escalate the incident.”

Essex Police have confirmed that a taser was used in the incident.

A spokesperson said: “A taser was used in the course of the arrest. This man was in possession of knives and so it was for the officers protection.”


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