Chafford Gorges Nature Park – Steps for Improved Access

SINCE the opening of the Essex Wildlife Trust 200 acre Chafford Gorges Nature Park, visitors have been using the nature reserve to enjoy wildlife, to walk their dogs and even just as a quick and pleasant cut through between the houses.

Since opening the reserve in 2006 there has been the desire to improve accessibility around the site for visitors and in May we were lucky enough to secure funding from the Veolia ES Cleanaway Mardyke Trust to install a flight of steps from Warren Lane to Devonshire Road on a slope that has always been treacherous – especially in wet conditions.

Due to this support in May we employed the help of Hugh Pearl Land Drainage Ltd to install a flight of railway sleeper steps and by June they were in place and opened to the public. Since their grand opening we have had many positive comments about the relative ease of using these steps and now we can welcome more people to the site, this means that people can now move from the cliff top on Warren Lane to the cliff foot on Devonshire Road without having to walk miles around the houses.

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