West Tilbury WI: August report

By Joy Ridgewell

PRESIDENT Vicky Turner asked everyone to stand for a minute silence for Lilian Hutchison who died last month, A West Tilbury WI member for over forty years, Lily was well known in Chadwell St Mary when she served for many years as a Lollypop Lady at
Herringham school she will be sadly missed.

The story of past times was the subject of the West Tilbury WI’s speaker Cindy Barber head of History at Palmers College. Cindy and her husband are members of the English Heritage and the extraordinary group that act out and portray the events that were a common sight in past times.

Everything has to be authentic from the clothes they wear to the utensil for eating and working with. Cindy has learned how to weald a sword these she assured us were not sharp enough to cause any damage apart from the odd bruise and has played the part of a fighting man in display battles at Bosworth and other tournaments around the country. She is in the Decobham Household and supports the Lancaster side in the war of the Rose’s and is passionate in her love of history that is portrayed in the displays.

Her husband is an armourer that is used in films he is an advisor and consultant for the Discovery Channel. A recent programme that he has worked on is Mudmen soon due to be shown on TV. It was interesting to see the hand crafted clothes, shoes, cups and cutlery that Cindy brought along, with pictures depicting various scenes of the groups enactments.

The Competition: A Hand made Crown, was won by Gill Morris

Raffle prizes were won by Niki Garwood, Hazel Green, Vicky Turner.

Next meeting West Tilbury Village Hall on September 6th 2011 at 7pm- 9-30pm.

Speaker Jackie Aviolet ‘I am a Tulip What are you?’

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