Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Passionate about Hardie Park

OVER 120 local residents enjoyed a picnic in the fine weather at Hardie Park on Tuesday 2nd August.

The community was united in an afternoon of fun and games with children. Rob Groves, its organiser, said “A few local people who use Hardie Park want to gather more people together to imagine a transformed park that the whole community can be proud of. The aim is to work torwards Green Flag status.”

Councillor Shane Hebb was at the picnic and said “Hardie Park has a place on the map of Stanford and has a great future ahead of it and must not be neglected to those who may wish to ill the parks that our children want to play in. I look forward to working with friends of Hardie Park in the future, and seeing the local community pull together to forge the community environment they want.”

A bigger and better picnic is planned for Tuesday 30th August, anyone is welcome.

Passionate about Hardie Park has its own facebook page which can be liked for regular future updates.


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