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Labour councillor slammed over “inflammatory” tweets over riots


AN OCKENDON councillor has found himself in hot water after a making a number of controversial statements on his Twitter account.

Young Aaron Kiely has only been a councillor for twelve weeks but he has soon found out that a public life is one that is under the microscope.

The left-wing firebrand has been tweeting for some time now and covers a great deal of subjects: some local (his first visit to the South Ockendon Community Forum) and some global (the health of Venezualan president Hugo Chavez).

However he has been particularly “vocal” or “twocal” over the past week in relation to the riots.

Among his tweets or retweets have been:

“Difficult to dismiss people at these protests as ‘violent thugs’ – there are huge & complex problems with poverty & police racism.”

“High proportion of Black residents + institutionally racist police = not good.”

The messages of 140 characters or less have not gone down well with the Thurrock Conservative group.

Conservative leader Cllr Phil Anderson said: “Local councillors from all the political parties have been co-operating well together over the last 48 hours to ensure that people in Thurrock have accurate information and the council fulfils its role alongside the police and fire services.

We had agreed that we would not use these events to try and make a political argument, so I’m disappointed that Cllr Kiely seems to want to use the situation to pursue his own rather extreme political agenda.

“His comments are inflammatory and unhelpful, and by spreading unconfirmed rumours of local disturbances he is making himself part of the problem rather than the solution.”

The tweets come as one of cllr Kiely’s residents in South Ockendon was arrested on Tuesday night on suspicion of inciting violence through the use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. They remain in custody.

They also may contrast with the district inspector at South Ockendon police station, Insp Marc Jordan who is an avid tweeter  however many of his recent tweets reflect the enormous shifts that he and his men are undertaking at the moment.YT did try to contact cllr Kiely but he did not reply.

The deputy leader of the Labour group, cllr Valerie Morris-Cook did issue a statement.

Cllr Morris-Cook said: “My position and that of the Labour group is that we condemn the criminal activities of rioters, we fully support the efforts of the police to restore public order.


  1. Lets hope he feels the full force of the law and is thrown out of the Labour Party for these comments, he should also lose his seat as a councillor, what a stupid thing to say and do whilst in office.

  2. Bit of a kneejerk reaction Lambo, are you a conservative by any chance?
    Lets hope he realises his mistake and learns from it!

  3. jmw118, nope I am not a Tory, but I also don’t think it is a kneejerk reaction, this person holds a position of trust within a community and is a paid member of TBC and as such should not be making statements as he has done, these statements are inflammatory and could been seen by some as incitement.

    Lets see want the Labour party do about this, very little I would assume and TBC are so ineffectual with any type of discipline that he will probably be made leader.

  4. It think this shows just how out of touch with the majority of the population that Cllr Kiely is, whom are dead against the riots. What is worst is his glorification and justification of the riots in which people lost their homes, businesses, livelihoods and even lives.

  5. Cllr Kiely, whatever “complex problems” the rioters and looters have, surely you do not really believe that they have the right to take life, steal or generally ruin people’s lives & business? We all suffer from problems over time but only “mindless violent thugs” could and would carry out such actions. You hold an elected office, if you feel that the police are so institutionally racist use your position to challenge them in a professional manner, start by speaking to the local chief officer on a face to face basis, do not use the media as a tool to whip up hysteria for your own political fulfillment.

    A disappointed Ex Councillor

  6. This is ABSOLUTELY typical of all that ails British culture today – Aaron forgot he is a COUNCILLOR elected to fulfill a specified ROLE – straigtht away he thinks he is ALSO a SOCIAL WORK EXPERT/SOCIOLOGY EXPERT/PSYCHOLOGIST. Lazy-fair/watered down Britain is splitting at the seams with hazards like Aaron. The same problem exists in watered-down Police Service reformations AND Teaching reformations. The sheer IGNORANCE of, probably well meaning, people like Aaron is an ENCOURAGEMENT to the IGNORANT-MINDLESS YOBS who run amock all over our efforts today – destroying everything in their flight path of very arrogant expectations – of a life that is only all about THEM. It is INSANE that any person of insight and vision would think that RIOTING is an answer to ANYTHING – let alone an excuse as a REASON. Genuine people with genuine grievance and determination to address any INJUSTICE always find an acceptable way of making a PROTEST and their VOICE HEARD. ARSON-CONTEMPT-LOOTING-RIOTING-THEFT AND MURDER are NEVER on their agenda. You need to grow-up fast Aaron and open your INTELLIGENCE properly. You are illogical.

  7. I do not believe in a broken society but there is definitely something seriously wrong with a large section of young people 11 to 36 in certain parts of the Country. Answers are needed. The graphic pictures of violence sent around the world i believe have damaged the UK. Mobs are part of history but recently street violence usually has a root cause and the fringe element the trouble makers. The shooting in Tottenham has been overshadowed by the London “Troubles” and the murder of the three young men in the midlands a terrible waste. Finding a solution is paramount and above political tattle, and in the meantime help the police – if you know anyone on the CCTV images hand them in – 020 8345 4142

  8. Funny how no-one has reacted with surprise at all. But why would we? When it was the student “protests” he was involved!!

  9. In the current climate it was inappropriate for the leader of the Thurrock Tories to release this as a press statement, but we all know every week Phil is looking for a story to keep his name in the press. He could very easily have picked up the phone to Cllr Morris Cooke and asked her to have a word but hey ho that would have been too simple and he would not have been able to get the press involved.

    What we now have is a free for all and the comments are getting more and extreme. He would have known that just putting a simple link to the riots would start the ball rolling. As this story rolls on it will end up the Aaron was instigating the riots, I would have bet my last pound that Lambo and Barry Johnson would want to put their tuppence in.

    Aaron is a hard working councillor that has grown up volunteering in South Ockendon and that is why he was elected. There is sour grapes that he beat Barry Johnson at the polling station an the Tories are still reeling from the defeat, they have a go Aaron at every given opportunity

    Phil should be counting his blessings (sorry for the church link Phil) as it is well known across Thurrock that Barry was to be the Tory Leader when Garry Vague stood aside. Watch your back Phil because Barry has made it clear he will be standing again next May and want the leaders position.

  10. How dare he blame the police and government for the looting and riots. It was all down to thieves and criminals end of. I understand it’s not the first time he has done this so clearly he has not learned his lessons. If Labour has any morals left they will kick him out for this behaviour.

    Institutionally racist police, what a horrible thing to say.

  11. Same old Sting. Not dealing with the issue in question. So by your failure to condem the comments can we assume that you agree with these comments made by Councillor Kiely?

  12. Unfortunatley its a fact of life that racism exsits in our society. I cannot beleive there are no racists in our police force or any other of our public service industries. I , in no way support the actions over the past few days but i am also sure that there have been incidents of shall we say over zealous policing.

    I am sure the comments made by Councillor Kiely have been blown out of all proportion by the Thurrock tories , who seem take every chance they get to snipe at him.

  13. Oh what a shock.. Barry Johnson pokes his nose in again! Listen Johnson. You are “Old News” No one cares what “You” think. Ockendon chose not to vote you in so back off. Love the “Ex Councillor signature” Lets hope it stays that way as you didn’t do a thing whilst your were one! Get over yourself and stop using every opportunity to bring Councillor Kiely down. He has done more in a couple of months than you did in 4yrs! Ta ta!!

  14. I fail to see what is so inflammatory over these tweets. There are “huge & complex problems with poverty & police racism.” Yes. Yes there are.

    Thurrock Conservatives have been waiting for Cllr Keily to say something that can be used against him. I bet the Tories have the press release ready to copy and paste any comment they can find after trawling through Aaron’s twitter.

    People complain when there aren’t enough young people interested in politics and it’s not a surprise. If this is the way that a talented young councillor is treated for having an opinion and caring passionately about issues, then who would want to be a councillor? The Thurrock Conservatives are using a very dark day in British society to score political points. Aaron voiced an opinion, one that is agreed by many people. Fine he may have some things to learn, but I’d chose him any day over someone who blandly bleats the party line through twitter. I would rather a young man be controversial for joining protests and having opinions than for some of the actions we’ve seen from Thurrock’s young Conservative councillors.

    These comments here indicate a belief that many young people in society are inherently bad and beyond help. I’m not going to disagree that yes there are problems. But Aaron is one of the few that made it through, why are you all so determined to crush someone who represents the good in young people?

  15. Those that are defending Mr Kiely should have a long hard look at themselves. These riots were nothing to do with police racism, police brutality or anything else you care to prefix with the word police. They were nothing to do with political grievances, this was no protest against the Government.As for racism, there were Black kids, White kids and all colours in between running amok, a true multicultural riot if you please! This was purely criminal thuggishness. Mr Kiely’s comments expose him for the closed minded far left socialist that he is, where everything and anything must be the fault of the Tories or the Police. The man is unfit to represent his ward.

  16. Here we go again. The loony left trotting out the same old excuses. Poor black rioters, nasty racist police, all the evil Tories fault. We’ve just suffered 13 years of Labour government. They introduced a dictionary of anti racist, human rights and equalities laws in their time in office and made it illegal for any public service not to implement them. They have neutered the police to the point that if a police officer was to breath hard on a rioter they’d face prosecution. They’ve sprayed benefits round like confetti to all and sundry and yet here we are again. So judging by what this miscreant thinks, and others that have posted here, everything the last Labour government did was a waste of time. They solved nothing. This proves that left wing politics does not work by their own admission. They bang on about cuts when most of the supposed cuts don’t even come into effect until next year. This so called councillor glorifies in all the left wing martyrs battling against the evil oppressive Tories. His comments are a reflection of the party he represents. Well done comrades keep up the good work. Solidarity brothers.


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