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Thurrock MP slams NHS IT programme

Thurrock MP and Member of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, Jackie Doyle-Price has slammed the NHS IT programme following the publication of the Committee’s latest report.

The committee, responsible for considering the value for money of Government programmes, has published a very critical report on the programme which had the objective of ensuring that every NHS patient had an individual electronic care record which could be rapidly transmitted between different parts of the NHS, in order to make accurate patient records available to NHS staff at all times.
The committee found:

The Department of Health is not going to achieve its original aim of a fully integrated care records system across the NHS. Trying to create a one-size-fits-all system in the NHS has proven to be unworkable

The Department has been unable to demonstrate what benefits have been delivered from the £2.7 billion spent on the project so far.

One of the contractors has delivered very few of the systems it was contracted to supply but continues to receive advance payments from the NHS

The programme has been poorly managed by the Department of Health and by senior management in the NHS

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price, a member of the committee said, “Trying to create a one-size fits all records system across the whole NHS was a massive risk, it has failed and is wasting billions of pounds – pounds which could be spent on patient care.

“We on the committee believe that the Department of Health should urgently review whether it is worth continuing with the programme or whether this would constitute throwing more good money after bad. The £4.3 billion which the Department expects to spend might be better used to buy systems that are proven to work, that are good value for money and which deliver demonstrable benefits to the NHS.”

Too often we see examples of poorly executed programmes which do not deliver what they promised. We cannot afford to go on like this. Government must do better.”


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