Impulse boost Sarah’s fight with MS

A gym member at Impulse Leisure Belhus Park has found exercise a real benefit for her Multiple Sclerosis.


Sarah Quaife, 29, of Araglen Avenue, South Ockendon, was diagnosed with MS when she was just 22, but at that point her body was in remission with no symptoms. However in 2009 she became seriously ill and lost the ability to do even the simplest of things, such as cutting up her food.


But since becoming a Platinum Member at Belhus Park Leisure Centre in South Ockendon, Sarah’s life has changed for the better.


She said: “I was in a wheelchair for four and a half months and even after that I had to walk supported with a stick. When I started coming to the gym at Belhus Park I’d bring my stick in with me and use the exercise bike as well as some weights to rebuild the strength in my arms and legs.”


With her illness, it was advised by her physiotherapist to undertake gentle low-impact exercise to rebuild the muscles in her legs. Sarah now regularly uses the swimming pool at Belhus Park, but has also attended Circuit Training and X Biking classes, as well as using equipment in the gym.


Sarah said: “I still have to take medication and visit to the hospital once a month, but going to the gym has helped me to regain my confidence and I’m now walking again.”


Fitness Staff at all Impulse Leisure centres are fully trained to give you a programme that will suit your needs and abilities, to find out what’s on offer visit our website at or call Blackshots on 01375 411272, Belhus Park on 01708 856219, or Corringham on 01375 415761.

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