Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Beer tent at Orsett Show closed all day after bizarre incident

A BARMAN was in hospital last night after what appears to be a bizarre accident behind the bar at the Orsett Show.

The incident occured around 8pm last night as staff from the stalls mingled on the eve of the show.

It appears that a loud bang was heard and the 24-year-old bar man was found writing in agony with blood pouring from a wound.

On closer examination it appears that the wound had an entry and exit wound.

He was taken to hospital and the tent was cleared.

The tent remained a scenes of crime right throughout the Saturday until 5.30pm.

Both police forensic investigators and members of the health and safety executive remained at the scene.

Although initial reports were that the man was “shot” through the leg, some sources have suggested that this was a pin from a fire extinguisher and so some form of bizarre work related injury.



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