Friday, December 8, 2023

Labour take to streets to support the NHS

Thurrock Labour members and Unison, the public service union were out campaigning in Grays on Saturday against the Health and Social Care Bill that the Tory led Coalition Government are attempting to put through Parliament.

Local Labour Councillors Martin Healy, Oliver Gerrish and Thurrock Council Health lead Barbara Rice joined campaigners at the Unison stall pitch in George Street, Grays.

Councillor Martin Healy says “It was really hectic in Grays, we quickly collected over 350 names on our petition asking the Government to abandon the Health and Social Care Bill which is costing millions of pounds and will lead to worse patient care, more privatisation and more red tape. I am afraid our NHS is not safe with Mr Cameron. Via this petition, 350 Thurrock people are sending a strong message to our two Members of Parliament to reject this Health and Social Care bill”


  1. Wow, 350 people, that’s so many! I mean, there were probably thousands of people in Grays on Saturday, so to get 350 people to sign a petition is a real achievement for Labour. I mean, that makes the petition almost as popular as the BNP!


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