Thursday, December 7, 2023

Life set to be much easier for Irish lorries using Dartford Crossing

ELECTRONIC toll payments service provider Easytrip has expanded to the UK with a new tag that will be used on the Dartford Crossing reports Silicone Republic.

The introduction of Easytrip’s new Dart tag will further assist Irish hauliers doing business in the UK. Not only will it result in savings of up to 13.5pc on Dartford tolls, versus paying these tolls in cash, it also provides greater convenience and efficiency with a single contact point for billing.

Transactions are billed in euros through the customer’s existing Easytrip account and an itemised monthly statement for easy monitoring will be supplied.

“We hope the introduction of this new service will be of great assistance to our existing and potential Easytrip customers,” said Dermot MacEvilly, CEO of Easytrip Services Ireland.

“This new tag will make life so much easier for commercial and haulage companies in particular, as they do not have to worry about sterling and euro exchanges, as this can all be taken care of in their monthly statements.

“This expansion of our services into the UK we see as a stepping stone which we hope to build on to extend our services across other locations in the UK and across Europe.”



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