Monday, September 25, 2023

Council announce Dale Farm “Plan of Action”

THURROCK Council is working with Essex Police and other agencies in advance of the planned eviction of travellers at the Dale Farm site in Basildon.

Cllr John Kent, Leader of Thurrock Council, said: “We have a good relationship with the travelling community in Thurrock, we have three sites and we also have an established showmen’s community.

“We are aware of what’s happening at Dale Farm, we’re talking constantly with Essex Police, with partners in Basildon and with others.

“We are well prepared for any eventuality and at the moment we are in a process of making sure the sites that are in council ownership are well secured. We will not tolerate illegal use of council land at any time. I would urge other landowners to ensure their land is also properly secured.”


  1. I hope the travellers can find somewhere else to settle thats legal for the sake of their children and the sick and elderly..I really cant understand why it has taken so long to sort this out I know the legal system is slow but the longer it has taken the more settled they have become and surely during that time an alternative option could have been sought? I feel sorry for the travellers,if it is the case that they have broken the law then of course it must be upheld.I can understand why they are feeling aggrieved,there are conflicting stories that they have taken over an area previously occupied by a scrap yard but the council saying its green belt land and members of the travelling community saying that they paid for the land..but perhaps most of all is that if these people got into your house whilst you were on holiday and you cant prove that they broke in they cant currently be prosecuted because its not a criminal offence and they can stay put without paying a it me or does this sound completely mad?


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