Thursday, June 20, 2024

Thurrock Tories slam council over Private Stringer case

THE THURROCK Conservatives have called for the council to “get it right” over the case of Private Stringer.

Shadow portfolio holder, cllr Danny Nicklen said: “In March, 2011, the Conservative group proposed the idea of a veteran’s charter for Thurrock. This charter would ensure that comprehensive and joined-up support is given to service men and women returning to civilian life, for as long as they need it.

Cllr Nicklen, who is considering a career in the army continued. “The case of Private Alex Stringer shows both the need for this charter and the fact that the council are not getting it right as yet. I am currently chairing a cross-party group to put these changes in place, but individuals like Private Stringer can’t wait for policies and processes; they need help now.

“I’m calling on the portfolio holder and the Head of Housing to act quickly and decisively to sort this out. Actions speak louder than words, and by giving Private Stringer the help he needs to live a normal family life, the council can show that they are serious about supporting those who have given so much in the service of our country.”


  1. Well said Cllr Nicklen, ex-service men and women need support when they leave the armed forces, there are a lot of homeless heros on the streets of London who have fought for this country and are left to the find their own way in life having left the service.

    As an ex squadie I can sympathise with Private Stringer as it is so difficult to adjust to civillian life.

  2. On a seperate issue whatever happened to the disabled traveller you interviewed a year or so ago – is he still struggling in his mobile home?

    Should resources be given on an individual case by case priority basis irrespective on how the individual received their injuries or disabilities or on if they are ‘deserving’ or ‘un-deserving’ disabled?

    I asume the real issue is the lack of an immediately suitable council owned property and then exactly where the funding for the extensive modifications are going to come from?

  3. So our chief newspaper delivery boy is considering a future in the army eh ?. I thought he’d be better qualified as a wine taster.


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