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Tributes paid as Daphne Hart passes away

DAPHNE HART,THE FOUNDER OF the Thurrock charity Holiday Homes for the Handicapped has died.

Daphne, of Recreation Avenue in Corringham was also a lifelong member of the Conservative Party. Two years ago she received an award from David Cameron for exceptional service to the party.

Daphne was a member of the Basildon and District Conservative Party since 1952.

But she will be most fondly remembered for the sterling work she did providing holidays for the handicapped.

Her husband is Corringham and Fobbing councillor, Ian Harrison.

Daphne fell ill earlier in the year and never fully recovered.

A full list of tributes will appear later.


  1. We should recall as Mrs Hart lay in a hospital bed and unable to defend herself South Basildon and East Thurrock Conservatives decided to expel Mrs Hart from the Conservative Party.

  2. Dave please can you clarify who was behind the decision to expel the late Daphne Hart from the South Basildon and East Thurrock Conservative Association and precisely for what reason or reasons? If what you say is correct, then to someone who is reported in the story to have been a lifelong member of the Tory party and was given an award no less, than by the Prime minster for her dedicated service to the Conservative political party, then the act of expelling this person is no more, I believe, than a low and despicable act on the part of those responsible. What were they thinking for heavens’ sake? I think they themselves should be expelled from the party for what I believe were their despicable actions of expelling this lovely lady from her political party at a time, when as you state in your blog, she was sick in hospital and unable to defend herself before individuals, who clearly in my reasonably held view do not seem to recognise the basic human right of everyone being given an opportunity to defend themselves. In any event, I am pleased that tributes are coming in on the basis of Daphne’s many years of commitment to ensuring that handicapped individuals were better helped to have holidays. Well done Daphne. Thurrock and the world will be a poorer place for the loss of your presence. I am sure you will be missed by many whose lives were touched by your humanity, charity and thoroughly decent human values which I hope will be an example to be followed by everyone, not just your enemies. God bless you and long may you rest in peace.”

  3. I would just like to pay my respects to the late Daphne Hart who worked really hard Daphne, who dedicated a great deal of her own time to run borough charity Holiday Homes for the Handicapped in Chadwell St Mary I hope people will remember all the happiness’ Daphne gave to so many disabled people Daphne was always working hard in the communities of Thurrock. Cllr Harrison Daphne was an angel in many ways to many families offering rest bite. Offering people who may have not had a holiday the opportunity her gift was genuine care to the communities Thank you Daphne for your big heart and you will be truly missed you were a lady of the people always putting Thurrock first

  4. I have to agree with the comments above. Since Daphne’s first stroke, she has had to stay in Norfolk, where it happened, and although she showed some improvement, there was the complication of the second stroke, and lately she did not seem to improve any more.
    And while all this was going on, the South Basildon and East Thurrock Conservative Association pursued a relentless campaign of persecution against her, and against Ian Harrison who was caring for her.
    You say she had been a member of that Association since 1952, but actually it was only since the constituency was formed. Before that, let’s remember, she and Ian were part of the old Thurrock Conservative Association, and that one also persecuted them and tried to expel them.
    Why did the powers that be in both Associations seem to hate them so much? Is it because they were both very active in everything they were involved in, the charity and politics, and were very successful in both, and were both thoroughly nice people. Unlike some I could mention.

  5. Isn’t it strange that the only people who ever had a bad word against Daphyn were the conservatives, or let me re-phrase that south Basildon & east Thurrock,
    & also Thurrock conservatives.
    was this purely as she could see through them. They even disbanded her beloved branch whilst she lay I’ll in hospital.yet we must remember how despicable this group of people can be.
    When I read that Daphyn & Ian had been tossed aside I couldn’t believe it.someone whom for years had kept a good strong branch a float, held fund
    raising events & was always willing to help when she could.
    Just because she didn’t troll along their Annual Dinners or put candidates in to place that she didn’t feel right for Corringham & Fobbing, they didn’t like it.
    Well this remarkable women must of been doing something right ( why else would the future MP see fit to give her such an honourable award) She was an honest upstanding member of our community who always put others needs above her own.when she set up her charity no one could of foreseen just how many families she helped enjoy a holiday, who other wise would never would of gotten the chance.

  6. Daphne should be remembered for the decades of hard work, not just for disabled youngsters and their families in this country but also for the holidays she provided for the chidren suffering from the Chernobyl disaster. Unlike others, she worked tirelessly and did not seek publicity or recognition for her hard work. Daphne’s legacy is bringing happiness to hundreds of families over the decades.

    I hope Cllrs Revell’s and the members of South Basildon and East Thurrock Conservative Association are proud of their actions in expelling this lady from the Conservative Party as she lay incapacitated on a hospital bed with her devoted partner by her side. The only way they could get their ‘revenge’ on a pointless 30 year feud is wait until she was unable to defend herself. Your actions speak volumes about the sort of people you are.


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