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Rehearsals for Tilbury Tightrope in full swing

It’s Our Theatre ….young people creating theatre in unexpected places Art reflects life in this fascinating new production on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October, as young people from Thurrock, many of whom have never previously engaged with the arts, create a performance for young people and families in the dramatic surroundings of the Cruise Liner Terminal at the Port of Tilbury.

‘In the dark, windy, littered streets Ash is invisible, anonymous, a kid in a hoodie ducking into doorways and disappearing from sight. So far, so what? ‘ Based on Gillian Cross’s popular novel, Tightrope tells the story of 14 yr old Ashley, daredevil, heroine, young carer and brilliant graffiti artist. It is a timely modern day parable illustrating the power of art and self-determination to enlighten and unite fragmented communities.

Using hip hop as a base, but exploding into lindy hop, songwriting, circus skills, visual arts – whatever forms are appropriate to tell the story – the talented performers put themselves and their community at the centre of this (honestly) unique dramatic production.

Thanks to the partnership with The Port of Tilbury, and further support from the Gateway Academy and the Royal Opera House, Tightrope gives young performers the rare opportunity to work with an artistic team which combines extensive professional experience with exciting emerging artists. Lead by director, Stuart Mullins; writer Anna Reynolds; designer, choreographer Helen Parlor, with the urban artists from It’s Our Theatre: B girl, performer and dance teacher, Sunsun; singer/songwriter David Harks; and Sri Mackinnon, one of Britain’s few female graffiti artists.

Building on an It’s Our Theatre project, funded by Thurrock Council, the production process will begin in the last week of August with developmental workshops, which continue into October when rehearsals begin, and the work takes a more distinct shape.

Young people and disenfranchised communities have made the headlines for negative reasons this summer. Join us as It’s Our Theatre shows the positive way we can make a difference.


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