Sunday, December 3, 2023

Ockendon Street Reps gathering pace

AS PART of our series on service provision in Ockendon, YT visited a meeting of the street reps.

No, they were not wearing red berets and mastering their ninja skills. Instead this is a system of communication between residents and the estates officers in the council as well as reps from organisations such as the police.

It is all part of the organic sense of community being fostered by the council and much praise has to go to all who organised the system.

YT spoke to chair, Tony Houston, before a meeting, who explained a little about the system.


  1. I am a ordinary tenent of Thurrock Council, and I live in Stifford Road, Belhus Ward, I would like somebody to help me and quitr a few tenents who live along Stifford Road, and are deeply affected by Noise and Air Pollution on a 24/7 basis, we have trouble with lorries leaving Howard Tenens Yard at 0215hrs on a Sunday morning followed by a steady stream of other lorries, usually Eddie Stbart lorries, we also suffer from the continuing dronning from the M25, and the Essex Arena and if we are very lucky and the wind is blowing the right direction, we know what race it is going to be, and who is in it, surely we should be given some respite from these noises, I have just had a massive heart attack resilting in me having a triple heart by pass operaation, I was told on leaving Basildon Cardiac Unit, to get plenty of rest and quite that I can, even the councils double glazing works, doesnt work properly, we have tried to get help from our councillors only to be told that a petition we got up, was unlawful so couldnt help us, we were ask to leave the SORA meetings, as the same councillors run that as well, our coucillors chose to help South Ockendon residents, and not us, I have tried to get help from all sources but to no avail, perhaps you could let me know where I can meet you or phone you, because I feel we are the forgotten few living alongside the Stifford Road, with all this noise and air pollution, the last test that was carried out regarding noise pollution said that it was near to 90dcs, if worked for a company with that noise I would be issued with ear defenders, me and me wife are in our late sixties, and after just reiring after 50 years work, I think we should receive some help with our problems which we suffer 24/7.

  2. I have been informed by a street rep, that meetings and objectives have been taken over by the drama queen Cllr Sue Gray and her faithfull croonies its is to become an extension of SORA, it was never to be what everybody hoped it would be,a listerning post for the residents a place where the residents could take there problems, that as now gone because of the loonie left, it wont before to long that Cllr Sue Gray will start to throw her toys out of the pram, if she doesnt get her own way, just like she does if a good question is asked at a SORA meeting without permission, she closes the meeting and hopes the problems go away, another good idea hits the dust.

  3. As usual – as inifinitum – R.I.P. Ockendon Street Reps therefore ….. looney-left BLARES (PUN inrtended) destroy our real emancipation yet again – on a gain –
    then they all sit back on more lip-stitches and blame the ‘people’ for not being interested. Street Reps should have registered as SELF-CONTRIBUTORY presidential organisation-and ordered BLARES to stay AWAY from their Vision.

  4. Has you say 2007, another good idea hits the dust running, it comes to something when our over worked ward councillors, cant see beyond there noses, they are trying to turn the flowers estate into a garden centre, which is very nice, one guess where the Mayor lives, yes on the flowers estate, that is why they couldnt leave the street reps alone, they just had to stick there noses in, now the scheme is doomed no more ordinary people, just councillors and there good old faithfull lapdogs from SORA, it cant survive very long, with that lot supressing everything, like they do at SORA, another smack in the mouth for ordinary residents trying to better, there areas around South Ockendon.


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