Dale Farm: Councillor slams council’s “abysmal” response plan

TORY COUNCILLOR, Danny Nicklen slammed the council’s preparations in the light of any diaspora from Dale Farm as “abysmal”

To the visible irritation of the chief executive, Graham Farrant, cllr Nicklen made reference to the ability of a group of travellers to set up camp on council land at Tilbury market in Calcutta Road and pointed to a number of areas throughout the borough that were left “insecure.”

Cllr Andy Smith shot back that “Officers had ensured that a number of key places including Grangewaters in South Ockendon, Parker Road in Grays to name but a few had been secured.”

He added: “That he had not heard of any concerns re the contingency plans from councillor Nicklen until now.”

Deputy leader, Val Morris Cook added that cllr Nicklen had been given details of plans some time ago.

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