Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Gateway Academy gives warm welcome to prospective parents and pupils

SOMETIMES FILMING at Gateway Academy is like filming one long tracking sequence, where everything happens seamlessly.

We have a formal film of the open evening to come up but here is a “show-stopping” rendition of “Mercy” by the students.

They performed it in the corridor and had a sort of “flash-mob” feel that crystallises the feel of the school. A unique spirit.

Applications to be in by October 31st.


  1. The choice of song could have benifited from a more ingenious choreography of the emotion being shared : i.e. Duffy explains it as a cry for release from invisible chains which prevent our real ‘LIBERTY’ – freedom of expression etc.(her vision of it). In that respect I feel the Students deserved better format in movement composition to help convey that. This format was almost predictable Arlene Phillips standards of the old Top of the Pops regime – stunted in a sense. I applaud the Students however – they sang the song excellently – with passion and flowing harmony and are a credit to local Culture and their Academy. So a sincere : well done ALL for that.


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