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“Thoughtless and pointless” Tories slammed by Labour

LABOUR Leader Cllr John Kent has said he is disappointed in the “thoughtless and pointless” press release issued by Thurrock Tories after last week’s full council meeting.

“Their inexperience shines through,” he said, “it proves that Thurrock dare not vote them back in over the next few years.”

He said: “It’s not that long, a matter of months, since Cllr Anderson took over the Tory leadership. He claimed that the Tories under his leadership would not take part in pointless yah-boo politics, yet here they are claiming the Labour Party conspired to prevent them from speaking. Something that is entirely untrue.

“It is less than six months since Thurrock Councillors unanimously agreed a revised set of rules on how council meetings should be run. At that time members agreed meetings should end at 9.30 – unless there was an exceptional reason for a later finish in which case members can decide to continue the meeting.

“Last week the mayor warned members the end of the meeting was approaching (there are also two clocks in the council chamber) and 18 Tories had the chance to say something, yet they waited until the mayor declared the meeting closed before opening their mouths.

“Now they have issued a thoughtless and pointless press release. Pointless, because they can’t change what’s past and thoughtless because, if you think about it properly, it highlights the fact that they haven’t got a clue about how things work at the council.”

Cllr Kent said: “Personally I think that meetings shouldn’t have a time limit, but that’s another issue.”

“I am disappointed Cllr Coxshall is attempting to manufacture a political row about this. The fact is the questions that remained to be put had been raised by Conservative Councillors and the motion that was not reached was to be put by the leader of the Conservative Group.

“It was therefore for one of them to ask for the meeting to continue and they failed to do so and are are now looking to blame everyone but themselves.

“I would have welcomed the meeting continuing as it would have allowed us to answer the important question on Private Stringer and to debate Cllr Anderson’s motion calling for the regulation of the local media.”


  1. Mr Kent if you were so eager to carry on with the meeting would it not have been apparent that you yourself should have spoken up knowing full well Mr Stringer’s case was on the agenda. It amazes me how you always try to blame others, take a good look at yourself and your labour bunch and admit the whole lot of you are not fit for purpose.

  2. A strange article this, makes me wonder if there is a little political bias going on at YT? The headline suggests that the Tories are bad guys again but, reading the article, it seems Labour are just as bad. It seems thay were all well aware of the Stringer issue and yet it was not discussed. Surely Cllr Kent can’t express his disappointment at the Tories not raising the point on time and then go on to say he would have welcomed and extension of the meeting to discuss it. He could, and should, have made it happen. The article headline should read “Thoughtless and Pointless Cllrs neglect Stringer case”. They are all pretty shambolic after all.

  3. It seems a great pity that the Labour Mob as again, made the full council meeting into another carry on capers, they could have carried on the meeting and discussed the Private Stringer case, instead they closed the meeting, and went home, only to react like a wounded dog, when they found out that everybody was in shock and horror, at the way they treated a returning wounded WAR HERO, they even have collection tins for help the heros at many of there offices, to say that the entire Labour Party are shambolic is to put it mildly, what about the Mayor couldnt he or shouldnt he have done something about it, I suppose the press wasnt there with there cameras, waiting to take his picture again, what a bloody disgrace this Labout Party is, no wonder people dont trust there local councillors when they see type of thing happening, on there behalf.

  4. Here we go again, all this man thinks about is point scoring. He constantly wines when the finger is pointing toward him, I just hope you have had your cheese with that wine Mr Kent. You go on to say that the tory cllr’s have not got a clue as to how the council works, was it not up to you to lead by example? You are the leader of the council, We can only deduce that you did not feel Mr Stringer’s case was important enough to suggest yourself that the meeting carry on. I think this just shows that the Labour party’s interest is purely above reproach and will blame others for their short comings. We could say without doubt Mr Kent that you are solely to blame for putting the most useless inividual in a position as Mayor to run these meetings and look what happens. You only have yourself to blame.

  5. Grays 64 I agree that it is a somewhat “strange” article but I do not agree with you that “Your Thurrock” is guilty of political bias the article simply reported Cllr Kent’s comments without taking sides on the issue and the “strangeness” is attributable to the contradictions contained therein . As has already been pointed out by “Snakebite” Cllr Kent could have applied for an extension of time or come to that so could any Councillor Labour/Conservative or Independent and as you have said Cllr Kent “could and should have made it happen”. I think the truth of the matter is that most of the Councillors had other things on their minds outside of Council buisness and could not get away quickly enough.
    Cllr Kent makes the point that the Mayor had warned Members “the end of the meeting was approaching and that 18 Tory members had the chance to say something” but he declines to mention that there were at least 20 Labour Members present who also failed to say something any one of them could have proposed an extension of time, presumably the two clocks Cllr Kent refers to were also in the view of the Labour Councilllors. He also says the questions that remained to be put ,including a motion for debate were originated by Tory Members so it was up to the Tory Councillors to apply for “extra time”. He goes on to say that he would “have welcomed the meeting continuing as it would have allowed us {Labour} to answer the important question on Private Stringer”. Cllr Kent you could have shown leadership by demonstrating just how important you rated the question of Private Stringer by asking for the meeting to be extended, you chose not too. You are quoted as saying “Personally I think that meetings shouldn’t have a time limit but thats another issue”. No Cllr Kent that is the issue and if you are serious you should lead the way in getting the Constitution changed so that Full Council Meetings are concluded only when all items on the Agenda have been dealt with, if that means sometimes meetings will continue into the early hours then so be it, after all you are paid Councillors. The Constitution should not be “set in stone” and where circumstances arise which merit some flexibility in its imposition it should be allowed, especially, as in this case, the circumstances arose as a consequence of “sloppyness” regarding proper proceedures.
    It is shameful that Private Alex Stringer is being used as a means of political point scoring by people whose only experience of danger is when they cross the road. Every Councillor at that meeting had the opportunity to apply for “extra time” but, it would seem, not one of them had the inclination to do so, therefore every one of them is equally to blame.
    A plague on both political Groups.

  6. Carry on trousering the cash comrade. How much from the health authority this year. Isn’t it strange how long it takes the council to publish expenses after the closure of accounts. Up the brothers Comrade, as long as that doesn’t include members of the armed services protecting you party’s wars. Long live saint Tony.

  7. Well said Mr Perrin I agree that both parties are to blame and have fallen short of what is expected of them, we all know the agenda of John Kent but what is the agenda of Mr Anderson? I can only surmise that you and your party fell asleep.

  8. Completley typical of Cllr Kent to be honest, he is always trying to back track on things that have been highlighted against his party, he then jumps up and down like a spoilt child rather than putting something constructive together.

    This is just local party politics trying to gloss over the cracks in the shameful way that they are running this borough, and that goes for the Tories as well, when will all parties stop trying to pont score and get on with making this borough somewhere to be proud of, so far they have done very little about that.

  9. Read the basildon echo, it writes about after meeting drinks in the mayors chamber this being the case you should be discussed with your selves how can you all party it up at the expense of Mr stringer plight. Good god what kind of people are you.

  10. I have just read the article written by the Ehco (Basildon) the headlines read WINE AND BEER ‘ A PRIORITY’ OVER SOLDIER’S FUTURE. It goes on to say leading councillors enjoyed wine and beer in the Mayor’s parlour after calling a halt to the meeting. Mark Coxshall tory ward councillor for Corringham and Fobbing tried to prolong the meeting by asking for the standing orders to be suspended but he was ignored. Mark Coxshall commented ‘it is an absolute disgrace, the Mayor Charlie Curtis also Belhus Councillor, Chief Executive Graham Farrant and the Labour group still found time to enjoy their wine and beer. Labour council leader John Kent said the family are the highest priority for the council. I cannot comment I am absolutly sickened.

  11. Perhaps the Comrades political beliefs are are getting in his way of doing anything for this family.Perhaps he thinks all ex soldiers are right wing nasty Tories. Or perhaps he just wishes this person would go away because he is an embarrassing reminder of what his party did in their time in office. Whichever way you cut it its obvious he has no sense of public service and clearly sees council meetings as his chance to invite people to rubbish the government and then get out as quickly as possible, especially when someone wants to ask an awkward question, for his little after drinkies and home. No doubt he’ll still be trousering public money for his efforts. Typical Labour Lush. Leeching public funds for nothing.

  12. Just to balance the commrnts on the mayors chamber, Cllr Mark Coxall and many others fom the Thurrock Tories inclding their leader Cllr Anderson, who enjoys a nice glass of red were in the mayors chamber drinking and having a bite to eat following the council meeting.

    But to further add Cllr Coxall entertained a fellow councillor from Basildon in the chamber and coxall was hapy to be plying him with bottles of lager and red wine.

    Another pot calling the ketttle black series of comments on this page.


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