“Thoughtless and pointless” Tories slammed by Labour

LABOUR Leader Cllr John Kent has said he is disappointed in the “thoughtless and pointless” press release issued by Thurrock Tories after last week’s full council meeting.

“Their inexperience shines through,” he said, “it proves that Thurrock dare not vote them back in over the next few years.”

He said: “It’s not that long, a matter of months, since Cllr Anderson took over the Tory leadership. He claimed that the Tories under his leadership would not take part in pointless yah-boo politics, yet here they are claiming the Labour Party conspired to prevent them from speaking. Something that is entirely untrue.

“It is less than six months since Thurrock Councillors unanimously agreed a revised set of rules on how council meetings should be run. At that time members agreed meetings should end at 9.30 – unless there was an exceptional reason for a later finish in which case members can decide to continue the meeting.

“Last week the mayor warned members the end of the meeting was approaching (there are also two clocks in the council chamber) and 18 Tories had the chance to say something, yet they waited until the mayor declared the meeting closed before opening their mouths.

“Now they have issued a thoughtless and pointless press release. Pointless, because they can’t change what’s past and thoughtless because, if you think about it properly, it highlights the fact that they haven’t got a clue about how things work at the council.”

Cllr Kent said: “Personally I think that meetings shouldn’t have a time limit, but that’s another issue.”

“I am disappointed Cllr Coxshall is attempting to manufacture a political row about this. The fact is the questions that remained to be put had been raised by Conservative Councillors and the motion that was not reached was to be put by the leader of the Conservative Group.

“It was therefore for one of them to ask for the meeting to continue and they failed to do so and are are now looking to blame everyone but themselves.

“I would have welcomed the meeting continuing as it would have allowed us to answer the important question on Private Stringer and to debate Cllr Anderson’s motion calling for the regulation of the local media.”

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