Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Thurrock’s bagpipers need your help!

THURROCK, the pipes, the pipes are calling you!

Sutherland Pipes and Drums have a fine tradition, perhaps not going back to 1314 but nevertheless,since the sixties, the sounds of Highland Cathedral, Scotland the Brave and Lord of the Isles have been heard ringing out from all four corners of the borough.

However, recently, there has been a dearth of pipers and this has caused the band to cancel some engagements.

YT went to Corringham Village Hall on a Thursday night to see the band in action and interview the drum and pipe major.

You need to be aged over 18 to join the group.

If you are interested, call John Anthonie on 07758 005691.


  1. Sir, it is with a measure of devastation that I have learnt Thurrock Pipe Band may be forced to dissolve. This bares a sad reflection on the current economic climate and does not bode well for the    multicultural fulfilment of the forthcoming Olympics.

    Whilst it is appreciated piping is not to everyone’s taste it is sad to think that a historic institution, a historic musical format, is to be allowed to wither. There are many Scots in Thurrock, many  many different cultures and in order to embrace, sustain and develop an interracial mix such aspects, although arguably niche, should be sustained.

    What is the cost involved should it not be a case for a benefactor to step in, perhaps the favoured Scottish Dragon??? Bannatyne,  would it be a golden opportunity for the government to provide funding to allow for training in piping, could a centre for musical excellence in all cultures be created to encourage racial harmony , create more pipers, more Morris dancers’, more Caribbean drummers, more cockerny pearly kings and queens. The opportunity exists and whilst I may have to dust off my chanter and head south it will be a sad day if the band closes due to lack of resources and willing participants.

    Music maketh the man! And in Olympic year the more music the better.


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