Monday, April 15, 2024

Smivadee takes a (dub) step up with Rednek

ONE OF the great pleasures here at YT is watching careers bloom: Scroobius Pip is one example and Smivadee is another.

Although he has a whole raft of skills, it is the former Grays School students video direction that is really catching the eye.

His work with local artists such as Young Reyes and Mushley has already been documented but his video for Romford-baded Rednek is a (no pun intended) step up.

Smivadee said: “This is probably my most successful music video production yet. This video has been up on youtube (Saladtv) for ten days and already has over 135,000 views and rising as well as the front page of YouTube next to Rihanna and Bruno Mars.

“Allow me to introduce you to Rednek, who’s about to embark on a US tour and is the next big thing in Dubstep!


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