Tuesday, September 26, 2023

BNP in Thurrock call it a day

By Matthew Collins of Hope Not Hate

“Thurrock BNP held a meeting last night.

Collectively the group decided that they would not be renewing their party memberships when they expire at the end of the year. This has not gone down too well in the party leadership, as you can imagine.

The leadership’s current form suggests that having budgeted on Essex coming to the aid of the party that they’ve probably already gone out and spent the Nazi lucre on staples, bottles of cheap cider and glass coffee tables. And golf clubs.

Karne McGinn of Thurrock BNP, formerly a racial comrade of Braun’s, hit back. Having been told by the impressively optimistic Braun that he and the rest of Thurrock BNP could be “replaced”, McGinn suggested that any replacements that Braun and Herr Griffin could drum up would be “ethnic candidates or maybe South American”.

Touché! That’s got to be a dig at “charismatic” Carlos Cortiglia, the formerly anti-British Uruguayan who is now standing for the BNP in the London Mayoral elections. Is he not ethnic too, by the way?

Warren Parrish, a veteran activist and candidate close to the BNP’s first councillor Derek Beackon announced that he would not be renewing his membership either, as the BNP was “no longer” the party that he trusted.

Braun reply was swift labelling Parrish a “Nazi” to which Parrish replied “The only reason I haven’t been active recently was that you showed up and f**ked everything up in Essex”.




  1. Well all i can add to that is good riddance to bad rubbish. Since the election of Emma Colgate as BNP councillor for Tilbury Riverside the people of Thurrock have shown at the ballot box that they do not want or trust the BNP to represent them in office. Lets hope the right wing of British polotics gets the message that they are not wanted in Thurrock. We are glad you have gone and dont ever come back!

  2. He was expelled by the BNP after last years General Election for ordering Emma Colgate to put Labour in control of Thurrock Council. Apparently it was him who was the real Kingmaker. Although in the eyes of the media she was in charge it turned out that he actually gave the orders. I believe that his family accounted for half the candidates in elections which could be the reason why the group could no longer produce full slates.


  3. Thats the right wing political element out of Thurrock, now how do we get rid of the left wing factions as well.

  4. Thurrock residents will not miss this group of racist indiviuals.

    They lost all credibility with Thurrock residents when Emma Colgate was elected in Tilbury and promised them the earth. Once elected she rarely went to a council meeting, failed to turn up at any sub meetings, never attended a Tillbury forum meeting, never held ward councillor surgery or sent newsletters.

    And in the last year she didnt even bother to turn up in Tilbury to acknowledge the dead at rememberance sunday.

    But no surprises in the fact for the three years she was in she took her monthly allowance.

    Karne Maginn and his crowd have fooled nobody -he is a racist trouble maker that was not even selected to stand in Tilbury even though he is a born and bred Tilbury boy. It doesnt take a genius to work out why.

    As Red Rebel said- good riddance to bad rubbish.

  5. Some interesting stuff on that blog tapestry, just goes to show that certain politiacl member will jump into bed with any party to get what they want 🙂

  6. Don’t forget this country’s ills were not caused by the BNP, no matter how much you Labour & Tory voters would love to think so. The current financial climate is all because of your three main parties – and of course, you, the electorate who voted them into power. Well done!

    And no doubt you will vote them back in again…..and again….. and again. They say the electorate get the government they deserve. How very true. Labour, Tory & Lib-Dem voters YOU are the cause of this country’s predicament.

    You are reaping what you have sown. You are focussing your hatred on the BNP, and from a psychological point of view, it’s understandable why – you are externalising your own self loathing.


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