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Controversial activist Lee Jasper launches Black History Month

BLACK History Month was officially launched in Thurrock last week with an event in the Civic Offices, New Road, Grays.

The council’s chief executive, Graham Farrant, joined Lee Jasper — an adviser to local and national government on equalities and a national equalities advocate — to launch the month.

Mr Jasper explained the importance of cultural change and leadership, including making equality central to the work of the council which has a responsibility to show strong community leadership by confronting negative messages, promoting positive ones and celebrating diversity.

Those at Friday’s event also heard from the council’s heritage officer, Jonathan Catton, who gave a historical view of the last 75 years of Thurrock with a view of the changing community from a black, minority-ethnic perspective. The event was organised by the council’s BME staff forum and its chair, Janice White.

Among other events planned for October are an International Food Festival on Friday, 21 October, noon to 2pm, Committee Room 2, Civic Offices, New Road, Grays; and an art exhibition by Dub Poet and Presenter of A History of Black Music, Jeffery Porter, at the Thameside Gallery until Saturday, 22 October.


  1. Without wanting to start a racism thread, I just wondred when White History Month was?? Oh yeah that does not exist, surely any type of racial segragation is wholly wrong and unjust, we are all human beings regardless of colour so by having seperate history events for people of a different colour is a form of racism, this also holds true for the multitude of different associations like the Black Police Association.

    Until people can integrate fully into society and drop these segragated events and associatons then racism will continue within this world.

  2. Imagine what it must feel like growing up in a country where you were born and where your parents and grand parents were born and having it legally shoved down your throat that you are less important than sopmene that has arrived in this country from somewhere else. Rather than being encouraged to share your culture, beliefs and the way of life in your country, you’re told to shut your face, don’t force your views on others and respect other peoples cultures and way of life. Lets take a look at black history then. What bits are we going to learn about. My guess is it will be the bit about nasty white peolpe opressing totally innocent black people. My guess is the bit about genocides, civil wars, crushing poverty and hunger brought about by corrupt governments and a total lack of ability to overcome their own prejudices to produce a country that can sustain life for everyone will be forgotten about. There is nothing equal in any of this. It is a one sided politically motivated piece of propaganda enforced by the Labour party to force White British people to swallow their mass immigration policy. If ever proof were needed that the Labour party deliberately flooded this country with immigrants to suit their idea of what society should be, then this law is it. Yet another example of politicians governing to suit themselves and the rest of us can go get scr**ed just so long as we keep paying for their wrecking of a country. The Labour party have divided this country more than anyone since King Charles and Oliver Cromwell.

  3. There is no such thing as ‘black’ history in the same way as there is no such thing as ‘white’ history. It’s all just History! I totally agree with Lambo, we are all trying to live in the same world as each other and race shouldn’t be an issue. Event’s such as ‘Black’ History month, whilst supposedly celebrating diversity, actually reinforce the idea that we are living in a segregated community. How can you talk about the history of the black community in Thurrock without also talking about the indigenous and mainly white community that they moved into and became a part of? History should be about everybody not just a particular group. Thurrock Community History Month would be more appropriate.

  4. I’d support gray64’s idea of Thurrock Community History Month.

    A very frivolous comment from me: there is some sort of ironic semantic balance about Black History Month being organised by Ms. White


  6. The people behind the Black History Organisation are the mirror image of White Nationalist Organisations such as the National Front and the now defunct BNP.
    They are both feeding each others causes.

  7. Completely agree with Gray64….Black history is intrinsically linked with white history, you cannot separate the two. This idea actually creates problems. I would rather a British History Month where all things British are celebrated be that Henry VIII and his many wives, Empire – the good and bad points, the meaning behind Saints days etc etc

    Labour have bound every government to this rubbish as if Cameron attemps to get rid of it, it will lead to calls of racism from the left.

  8. We London folk well remember how even the BBC slated Mr Jasper for his poor community spirit just before the 2008 Greater London Assembly elections.

    He embarrassed not only Ken Livingstone (who rated him highly as his police & equality adviser), but black Londoners in general. Despite earning £117,000 p.a. he continued to live in cheap subsidised social housing, and was implicated in using his influence to secure large grants for several organisations, most of which folded with nothing to show for the money. They were run by his friends and associates.

    On the day before he was due to be questioned by the London Assembly, he resigned, prompting criticism from many black community leaders that his resignation appeared to be evidence of guilt.


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