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Man escapes jail despite assaulting police officer on day of release

A GRAYS man escaped jail despite assaulting a police officer on the day he was given a community order.

Danny Seeley, 23, Bridge Road, Grays pled guilty at Basildon magistrates court to a string of charges for theft, criminal damage and assault over July and August.

The court heard that Seeley had been in court on the 29th July this year and received a community order. That evening the police were called a report of a disturbqnce on Stifford Clays Road, Grays.

The police attended, attempted to arrest Seeley’s girlfriend but were assaulted by a drunken and violent Seeley.

A few weeks later, he was arrested for several thefts of alcohol from the Co-Op in East Tilbury.

In mitigation, Seeley was described in court as a self-confessed alcoholic whose life had been blighted by living with his mother and sister who had “similar problems.”

Chair of magistrates, Mr Austin heard that in the last few weeks, Seeley had moved in with his father, entered a rehab scheme with Oasis and had hopes of a job. His girlfriend was also expecting a baby. Both father and girlfriend were present in court.

Seeley was given a two month jail sentence, suspended for twelve months with a number of conditions includig that he attend a rehabilitation programme called the Bridge Project in Witham.


  1. You just could not make this up, what a weak lilly livered magistrate, so a string of thefts, criminal damage and assault and you get away with all be cause of a drink problem no wonder this country is going to hell in a handcart….


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