Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Mass petition gathering against Corringham police station closure

LABOUR have a good tradition at mobilising the people of Corringham and the people of Corringham are not backwards in coming forwards at making their feelings known.

The closure of police stations is a difficult one: Police research has found that the public rarely use them and others say that they have been taken over by other forms of interaction with the police.

But they are one of those institutions that people of a certain age like around them. Part of a societal comfort blanket.

What Labour know for sure is that there are votes to be won and lost and with marginal seats in Corringham, Stanford and Ockendon up for grabs in May 2012, they have been very active campaigning against the closures.

YT spoke to cllr Phil Smith as he gathered signatures on Saturday in Corringham town centre.


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