Labour taking Thurrock residents for “fools” say Tories

The weekend words of the Shadow Business Secretary are so much hot air.

Conservative Councillor Shane Hebb said: “Chuka Umannu has shown real cheek to come to Thurrock to talk about the economy.

Under Labour this country was plunged into the biggest recession for a generation as they wasted monies and overspent on the UK’s credit card.

£500m was blown on their unpopular plans for regional Fire Control Rooms – plans that would have done nothing for the people of Thurrock.

Under their proposed National Insurance rise businesses in Thurrock would have been put off employing more people because of the costs involved – thankfully this government has prevented that.

It is also clear that they still don’t get it. Under Labour’s current plans, far from helping the economy as Mr. Umannu suggests, would increase the National Debt by £5,000 per person whilst increasing debt interest payments £500 per year for every taxpayer.

By contrast under David Cameron this government is making £80m available for helping those communities that most need financial assistance in this time of financial uncertainty; frozen Council Tax for two years in a row; and are consulting on ways to save small businesses £600 million in accountancy and administration costs every year.

I also hope that Mr. Umannu put a submission into the Government regarding the Dartford Tolls, otherwise that is yet more hot air. Our two local MPs have been campaigning hard on this for months and have spoken directly to the Minister.

Whatever Labour may say on the economy their track record shows that in government they did very little for places like Thurrock”.

Thurrock Conservatives are particularly pleased that George Osborne has found time to freeze council tax again as this is one measure that is sure to help everyone in Thurrock.

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