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Labour taking Thurrock residents for “fools” say Tories

The weekend words of the Shadow Business Secretary are so much hot air.

Conservative Councillor Shane Hebb said: “Chuka Umannu has shown real cheek to come to Thurrock to talk about the economy.

Under Labour this country was plunged into the biggest recession for a generation as they wasted monies and overspent on the UK’s credit card.

£500m was blown on their unpopular plans for regional Fire Control Rooms – plans that would have done nothing for the people of Thurrock.

Under their proposed National Insurance rise businesses in Thurrock would have been put off employing more people because of the costs involved – thankfully this government has prevented that.

It is also clear that they still don’t get it. Under Labour’s current plans, far from helping the economy as Mr. Umannu suggests, would increase the National Debt by £5,000 per person whilst increasing debt interest payments £500 per year for every taxpayer.

By contrast under David Cameron this government is making £80m available for helping those communities that most need financial assistance in this time of financial uncertainty; frozen Council Tax for two years in a row; and are consulting on ways to save small businesses £600 million in accountancy and administration costs every year.

I also hope that Mr. Umannu put a submission into the Government regarding the Dartford Tolls, otherwise that is yet more hot air. Our two local MPs have been campaigning hard on this for months and have spoken directly to the Minister.

Whatever Labour may say on the economy their track record shows that in government they did very little for places like Thurrock”.

Thurrock Conservatives are particularly pleased that George Osborne has found time to freeze council tax again as this is one measure that is sure to help everyone in Thurrock.


  1. And if we could retain our industrial “council tax” here……what happened to that idea? Is it still being put forward?

  2. Labour have been taking the whole country for fools for ages now so why should the local party be any different, mind you what makes any of the other main parties any different??

  3. Cllr Hebb: Thurrock residents are clearly not fools so they will see through your political views. The Tory led government has cut to far to fast and we as a country are in trouble. Our economy is stagnant and we are going nowhere.

    What Thrurock residents will see is a Conservative MP who voted with the Tory party line and see Thurrock residents lose out because of her votes.

    Us residents now see that the National Health Service is being run into the ground, wards are closing and waiting lists are getting longer.

    Our drs are being forced to become fianance specialists when all you want them to do is look after your health and well bieng.

    Childrens Centres around Thurrock will be closing. This is after David Cameron telling the country they would be safe under the tories and would not close.

    Our young people will find it difficult to get a place at a good university and when they do they will be saddled with fees of 9k per year.

    Those that choose to go to sixth form will not get an EMA to help with costs and fares. Those from families just outside the welfare calculations will get no help what so ever.

    Those that do not want to go in further education will not get adequate advice and guidance as the Connexions service is cut to the bone.

    The private sector that was going to pick up the losses from the public sector job losses just hasnt materialised.

    Unemployment across all age groups is rising month on month. Youth unemployment is at an all time high under a tory led goverment.

    Essex is losing over 1100 police staff under the new police blue print. Police will have to choose what are their key priorities – burglaries, assault, ar crime or Cllr Wottons favourite DPPO’s.

    Locally we can all remember that up until two years ago Thurrock Tories ran the show; They ran the budgets at 6 million overspend year on year and when the Labour Party took over the Tories had spent all the reserves and Thurrock residents had no buffer from the National Conservative led governments cuts.

    Have Labour got everything right, probably not. But they are running a balanced budget and that is probably all Thurrock residents will want to know.

    I am sure that this comment will open the floodgates from the usual posters on the site but there will always be another view. Thats democracy.

  4. Sting, look to Greece to see a demonstration of what happens when you continue to spend money you don’t have. Things may well be bad here right now but nowhere near as bad as over there. As for the cuts, there are no cuts. We are still overspending as a country by a massive amount. All the Government is doing is slowing down the rate of increase. Unfortunately for us all, the world is in economic meltdown so it a bit daft to expect us to have a booming economy and falling unemployment. Also unfortunately for us all, none of our politicians have the faintest idea how to make things right. They are all hopeless.

  5. Shane Don’t get embroiled in the poisonous dwarves rubbish. Don’t let them load the bullets for you to fire.

  6. I am watching a Science programme on the BBC, and the scientist is talking about “cause and effect”.

    I would debate most of the “effects” listed above (nobody wants your doctor to become a finance specialist, for example!) but let’s not forget the CAUSE of these “cuts”…

    Labour left this country with a bigger deficit since world war two. We were borrowing millions of pounds every day to pay our bills – and as every householder know, you can’t do that forever. Labour risked bankrupting this country, and it’s their fault that jobs are being lost.

    And that’s why we’ll take no lectures from Labour’s failed “leadership”, Milliband and Balls – the right hand men of the disaster of Gordon Brown,

  7. Sting under the last Labour government Health, Education and Welfare budgets more than doubled.According to the Labour party the population numbers were ststic or saw a small rise. Tell us all where all the money went under the last Labour government. Very few extra children to teach. Very few extra ill people to treat. Not many more people claiming benefits. Where has all the money gone. Why did the Labour party borrow £130 billion a year in the last 5 years just to pay the bills. Tell us all where it went sting.

  8. Come on Sting, upthereds has laid down the gauntlet, why not try answering his question rather than leaving it with a single line comment that has no relevance to the topic, but then again Labour members are used to swerving the questions when it comes to the complete lack of management that both Blair and Brown had with the countries finances.

    Brown knew all about the impending banking crisis but decided to sit tight as it would have alienated him from his banking buddies rather than trying to stem the flow, he was warned about the Icelandic financial cricis in April 2008 but once again turned a blind eye (no pun intended), he even now admits he made a serious error regarding not regulating the banks.

    The labour government have regularly screwed this country over be that with immigration, “human rights” or financial irregularities, it is time that their party members woke up and smelt the coffee and admitted their mistakes and tried to turn the party around.

    The coallition government may not be the best option for britain but they are probably the better of three evils at the moment.


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