Skin infection halts scales of justice

A COURT case was further delayed today after a man accused of failing to supply a specimen for analysis claimed a skin infection prevented him from appearing in court.

Darmbar Singh Bullar, 32, was charged on the 25th August, with the alleged offence after being stopped by police in Hawkins Drive, Chafford Hundred.

He was also charged with no insurance and licence offences in relation to the class of vehicle he was allegedly driving.

His counsel informed the court that he had been told about the skin infection this morning although he had no medical evidence to support the claim.

The court heard that a hearing on the 8th September was adjourned as it was Bhullar was unable to attend then as he had to take his son to hospital.

A clearly exasperated prosecution commented: ” I suspect Mr Bullar is coming up with some excuses and so we would like to se medical evidence.”

The trial was set for January 17th where Bullar was expected to produce medical evidence of the skin condition.

He denies the charges.

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