Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Tory slams Labour over mobile phone controversy

A SENIOR CONSERVATIVE HAS slammed the Labour administration after it was revealed that more than half of council staff own a mobile phone paid for by the authority.

A report presented by councillor Phil Smith admitted officers did not know where a “considerable” number of the phones were.

A total of 371 mobile phone contracts out of 1,255 have already been terminated in a bid to save the council £9,000.

Tory Cllr Rob Gledhill said: “Labour is spending so much time trying to discredit the Conservatives, rather than running the council, they are actually creating more problems than they solve.”


  1. hahaha, so TBC have several mobile phones that they don’t know where they are, maybe if they tried to call the numbers associated with the “lost” phones then they might be able to track some down, alternatively get all the numbers barred and see who then complains of lack of mobile service.

    Why does every councillor require a company mobile phone, surely they have their own personal numbers that can be used instead and can claim the call costs due to business use?


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