Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Happy Birthday M25!

THE M25 celebrated its silver jubilee this weekend. For 25 years it has been a part of many a commuters life. Indeed some of us spend our days discussing junction 29/30/31 or the best rat run around North Ockendon etc.

There are residents in nearby Humber Drive, South Ockendon who are less than thrilled at the increasing capacity of the road but we will be showing that film tomorrow.

Here is our little tribute to the Thurrock section.


  1. Can you please explain to me why, the residents who live along Stifford Road have been left out of seeing the film, we have been trouble by the M25 for many years, we can hear the M25 when we are in our beds, it is a constant buzzing sound, we also hear the Essex Areana when the wind blows in the wrong direction, we know who is racing who, and this week we will be subjected to all the loud bangs etc from there firework display, unlike Humber Avenue, when the M25 blocks up people use Stifford Road as a rat run, so the road is completely blocked up, so we not only get Noise pollution we get Air pollution, so why dont you invite us to see the films and give us some over due sympathy.


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