“Blue murder” lorry park set to be served with more enforcement notices

Last week, at a meeting of Thurrock Council’s planning committee, an enforcement notice was recommended in relation to a motorbike training school, pallet storage, tyre storage and a lorry park at the site of the old West Thurrock power station in Oliver Road.

The site has been at the centre of a long running dispute over planning permission and a number of other issues.

Chadwell councillor Gerard Rice expressed his frustration at the whole situation.

Cllr Rice said: “If an individual had done these things on their own property, their feet wouldn’t touch the floor. It seems that this lot have got away with blue murder.”

Cllr Rice spoke after Mrs Denise Donovan spoke to the committee and expressed her concerns regarding a number of other buildings on the site including a Sodium Sulphate building and a Soap Ring building.

Conservative leader, cllr Phil Anderson also expressed his concerns.

He said: “There is an impression in this process that the company in question (ICG Ltd) are going to get away with it.”

“It is sending out the wrong message that you can win these planning battles in a court of law.”

The committee voted unanimously to support the enforcement.

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