Monday, April 22, 2024

Immersion Centre set to open at Ormiston Park Academy

TIMES are changing and along with that the way in which children are learning is changing. Years back we were happy as children (well, some of us perhaps!), to sit in rows and copy off the board—this is now considered to be inadequate and it is the responsibility of teachers to make sure that lessons are exciting, engaging and use the newest technology at every single opportunity.

With this in mind Ormiston Park Academy has decided to open a superb high-tech unit in the school. Staff worked over the half-term to get everything ready and now we would like to share with you this wonderful resource.

One end of this amazing room is called the Immersion Centre. It has 3D screens/projectors on three walls which surround you and when you enter it you are transported to anywhere in the World. Currently you can stand in the centre of a mountain range, looking in the direction you are travelling and turn around to see the place you have come from. Believe me, you actually feel cold when you are standing there!

Fight the Lions…

Soon children will be able to stand in the Immersion Centre and be in the middle of the Coliseum whilst gladiators are fighting lions.

Grand Canyon…

Five minutes later, they could be riding a boat through the Grand Canyon.

Walking with Dinosaurs…

They could then be racing across the fields with dinosaurs.

The possibilities are endless! There is a lot more to our wonderful Immersion Unit and I am hoping our children will tell you much more about it.


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