Mucking tip: “We have won the battle but not the war”

THAT was the reaction of East Tilbury councillor John Purkiss after the DC planning committee had agreed to defer the application to extend the life of the tipping activities on the Mucking landfill site.

There is something indefatigable about the spirit of the people of East Tilbury and especially when it comes to matters which affect the heart of their community.

And perhaps there was never a better example in yesterday afternoons meeting of the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation’s planning committee over the “rock and a hard place” question of extending the life of the tipping activities of the site operators Cory at the Mucking Landfill tip.

Cory says it needs the extension because the soil needed to ‘cap’ the landfill site, where tipping stopped at the end of 2010, has not been available in enough quantity.

As well as the five years, Cory wants the maximum number of lorry movements permitted on any working day to be increased to 240 – double the current number.

It was a passionate meeting with both councillors (Barry Palmer and John Purkiss) as well as residents incensed at the implications of a further extension for Cory.

Cllr John Purkiss said” This battle has been going on for over thirty years.

“Why has this company not been stockpiling materials. Indeed, why have they not looked at other forms of transport. Bring them up on barges.”

Cllr Barry Palmer made reference to the danger on the roads and the health implications.

Representing Cory, Alastair Hall explained that the economic downturn and competition from other sites had caused a change to their plans.

He also made reference to their “Ethical observance award” by The Observer.

As the matter was being discussed by the planning committee, both residents and councillors became increasingly animated.

“How many lies?” shouted one resident. “Answer it truthfully” implored councillor John Purkiss.

Members of the committee expressed deep reservations about the application.

Chris Paveley said: “I have deep reservations about this. Let them take fifteen years but in an application that sees the roads safe.”

Will McKee urged the committee: “To defer the application in order to have further discussion.

The committee agreed unanimously.

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